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Say my name Baby ❤ ________________________________________ #LateNightCherylPosts ________________________________________ #SummertimeBall2012 #SayMyNameBaby #Cheryl #Beauty ________________________________________credit me if used thankyou 😘 _______________________________________💎Strictly Cheryl💎
watching justin at the summertime ball last year on tv, was such an amazing night😔😔 and yes, Disney channel hahahha😳 #summertimeball2012#stb#capitalfm#amazing#justinbieber#justin#bieber#love#him#omg#disneychannel#lol
This time last year , was the first time I went to Justin's concert ... It was such a blessing . That day was the best day of my life and still is . It was the first time I saw my idol performing live and I was having a blast . I still can remember every singe detail of that day ... The view , the beliebers , the people who where standing next to me , the smells , the weather , the songs and most of all ... Him . I remember how he was having so much time performing for us and I remember how much fun we where having watching him do his thang ;) this is a really special day for me . Its like me and Justins one year anniversary lol ;) . I can still not believe this . I remember how shocked I was seeing him for the first time ... I kept telling my mum " look he is on 3D ! " haha and then she just looked at me weirdly . I wasnt use to seeing him as a person if you know what im saying ... I always saw him on TV but it was completely different . When they said " PLEASE WELCOME ON STAGE , JUSTIIIIIN BIEBERRRR" . I remember I started shaking really badly and then when he walked on stage I couldn't help it . I was crying so much that I couldn't see anything for like 2 minutes because the tears where in the way of my eyes . It was such an amazing experience and I will never EVER forget that day . It was amazing and im crying I can't believe this haha ... Any way . @justinbieber thank you for giving this experience to me because this was one of the best moments of my life . Not one of actually . The BEST moment of my life . Thank you so much . #summertimeball2012 #tbt #june9