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"dimply" skin scrub ☕️🍊🌿 +8 cups sugar in the raw +2 cups coconut oil +8 tsp coffee grounds (not decaf)
+YL Grapefruit oil
+YL Peppermint Oil
1. Melt the coconut oil in a small pot over low heat until liquefied.
2. In a large bowl, mix the sugar and coconut oil.
3. Thoroughly mix in coffee grounds.
Scoop into mason jars and add 3-5 drops Grapefruit + 3-5 drops Peppermint and mix.
Smooth body scrub onto your wet skin, gently massage your problem areas in a circular motion, and rinse off with cool water. Cool water is important because it will shrink your pores and make your skin smoother. Do this 3x a week ❤ Spring will be here before you know it, time to get our body prepped and ready for shorts and tee's and bathing suits 👙👗 *make sure the coffee is NOT decaf. The caffeine in coffee dehydrates your system. Dimply skin occurs when clumps of fat push up against the connective tissues underneath your skin and the end results looks like cottage cheese. Women tend to have thinner skin, so their fat cells are a lot more noticeable. If you can break down those fat cells, your skin will look smoother. Dehydrating the cells will do that.
User Image magaluf_feelsummer Posted: Jan 21, 2018 2:10 PM (UTC)
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Booze cruise parties now available on our web site !!!!
Make sure you book your events tickets with us, don’t wait till last minute!⬇️⬇️
#summeriscoming #magaluf #2018 #boozecruise #boatlife #mallorca #spain #england #tickets #events #ticketshow #party #mental #bookonline #today
User Image nadine.moll Posted: Jan 21, 2018 2:04 PM (UTC)

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Wenn Du in Deinem Training immer nur 90% gibst, dann wirst Du auch wenn es darauf ankommt nur 90% geben.
Michael Owen

Raus an die frische Luft und joggen, trotz schlechtem Wetter, denn Erfolg ist nicht etwas, das einfach passiert – Erfolg wird erlernt, Erfolg wird trainiert. 💪
#sport #befit #dosomethingforyou #stayhealthy #fitness #ihavethebestfitnesscoach #fit #jogging #run #fitnessbody #summeriscoming #polishwomen #switzerland
User Image medfish Posted: Jan 21, 2018 2:04 PM (UTC)
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medfish 23m ago
Wet suit'leri yıkayın, paletleri parlatın, biletleri ayırtın! Sezon açılışı pek yakında!⠀

Prepare your wetsuits, shine your fins, book your flights! Season opening is very soon!⠀

#medfish #ssifreediving #IamSSI #summeriscoming #freediving #bodrum
User Image mont_tiff1 Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:57 PM (UTC)

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Morning everybody! #summeriscoming☀

La decisión ya está tomada, solo es cuestión de actuar. Hoy retomare lo que dejé hace mucho tiempo por hacer caso a las voces negativas. Ésta vez no me detendré por nada ni nadie 💪👊 #Motivation #fitnessgirl
User Image zimtmitstern Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:48 PM (UTC)

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Nachdem ich dann endlich meine Ersatzmaschine habe, bin ich direkt mal in die Vollen gegangen, statt irgendwelche alten Reste sinnlos Probe zu sticken und zunähen - no risk no fun. Gestern zwei Motive gestickt und heute zu einem Täschchen vernäht. 😊

#pfaff #pfaffcreativeicon #pfaffcreativeicon #sticken #nähen #ausprobiert #filz #eis #dersommerkommt #ichfangeanmichzufreuen #premierplus2 #sticksoftware #wordsculpt #embroiderysoftware
#embroidery #sewing #summeriscoming #newsewingmachine
User Image Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:43 PM (UTC)

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Because when THALA DHONI is in the MOOD, his aim is not to clear the boundary ropes . . .
His aim is to CLEAR THE STADIUM! 😎
Presenting in front of you . . .
7 Times when @Mahi7781 cleared the stadium while representing the Chennai Super Kings! 💪 💛
When we realize that we will be witnessing all these smashing shots once again in just about 2 months from now! 😍
Enjoy the compilation #MSDians! 😇 💕

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