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#Charlotte at Werther’s grave”

#Artist #Unknown 1790

#Inspired by The Sorrows of Young Werther, a collection of
#letters written by #Werther, a young #artist of a sensitive and passionate temperament, to his friend Wilhelm. These give an intimate account of his stay in Garbenheim. There he meets Charlotte, a beautiful young girl who takes care of her siblings after the death of their mother. Werther falls in #love with Charlotte despite knowing that she is engaged to a man named Albert.

Despite the #pain it causes him, Werther spends the next few months cultivating a close friendship with them. His pain eventually becomes so great that he is forced to leave for Weimar, where he makes the acquaintance of Fräulein von B. He suffers embarrassment when he forgetfully visits a friend and has to face a weekly gathering of the entire aristocratic set there. He is not tolerated and asked to leave since he isn’t a noble. He then returns to back, where he suffers still, because Charlotte and Albert are now married. Every day becomes a torturing reminder that Charlotte will never be able to requite his love. She, out of pity for her friend and respect for her husband, decides that Werther must not visit her often. He visits her one final time, and they are both overcome with emotion after he recites to her a passage of Ossian.

Werther had realized that one member of the love triangle – Charlotte, Albert or Werther himself – had to #die to resolve the situation. Unable to hurt anyone else, Werther sees no other choice but to commit #suicide. After composing a farewell #letter to be found after his #death, he writes to Albert asking for his two pistols, on the pretext that he is going “on a journey”. Werther then shoots himself in the head, but does not die until hours later. He is #buried under a #linden tree that he has mentions in his letters. The #funeral is not attended by a church, Albert or Charlotte. The book ends with an intimation that Charlotte may #die of a #broken #heart.
User Image lil.ol.pp Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:55 AM (UTC)
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Whilst within'st the formal once a year month long event of '#nonutnovember' I have indeed developed the abundant ability to kill myself without actually dying to death, I can levitate upon the beings of humanity, I can speak without actually speaking, and I can no longer have a care in the world.
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User Image genxminister Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:52 AM (UTC)
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A sober look at a quiet holiday epidemic. “The option of suicide.” Link in the bio.
User Image dinonootz Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:52 AM (UTC)
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User Image ana.till.the.end97 Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:52 AM (UTC)
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Ja leider wahr...Obwohl es bestätigt wurde....Ich war ebend kurz bei Mama, als es an der Tür klingelt..Es war mein Bruder...Sie hat die Auflage von der Psychstrie bekommen, dass sie ebenfalls dafür Sorge zutragen hat, dass wir uns bei meiner Mama nicht über den Weg laufen. Sie lässt ihn auch noch rein und ich nusste ihn sehen..Ich war wie erstarrt, fühlte mich eklig und weiß nicht, ob ich diesen Vorfall meiner Psychologin schreiben soll... #anorexia #sexualabuse #brother #anxiety #selfhate #suicide
User Image janakwilkes Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:43 AM (UTC)
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22 years ago today my grandma died of breast cancer. I was 13. 32 years ago today my dad committed suicide. I was 3, he was 34. Both broke my heart at pivotal ages, and I think of both several times daily. I never realised until mum pointed it out on Tuesday that they were the same day, ten years apart. I like to think the best parts of both live on inside me, and hope the weakest parts can be washed away. I know my grandma - a writer and actor in her later years, too late, and ever supportive of me - is always with me when I write, and every time I perform, it’s for her. With each year the anger, disappointment and abandonment fades a little more, and the life lessons start to trickle in. I start to understand him and why he did it, and maybe one day will forgive and find peace. It still hurts though and leaves so many questions that will never be answered. My wish is for anyone contemplating suicide, to find the light - it is there - even the tiniest crack, reach out, ask for help. I know it’s hard / hell, phoning a friend on a tough day is the last thing I want to do, but there are so, so, so many resources and outlets and avenues - more than ever - just hold on and have faith. And cancer, go get fucked. We will get you one day, and your little dog too.
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