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healed n happy 🎉🎀 this is my #sufjanstevens tattoo, designed by the wonderful @frances_cannon and fulfilled by the talented @k.doncash 💞
Call Me By Your Name🍑
Прекрасный фильм, по прекрасной книге!
Фильм, при просмотре которого я испытала бурю эмоций!
Я не хочу говорит о том, какой либо момент вызвал у меня определенную эмоцию, или на сколько определённая сцена хороша, и т.д, по тому что это будет очень долго.
Я очень сильно ждала это фильм, и ожидание того стоили. Прекрасная актерская игра @armiehammer и @tchalamet , эти двое сотворили что-то невероятное! Италия, эти виды замораживают! Я определено при первой возможности отправлюсь в Крему. Саунтреки они так хорошо подобраны, что к ним даже не предратся, да и не зачем.Также, Sufjan Stevens его песни которые заставляют в одно время улыбаться, а в другое плакать.
И самое главное, спасибо Luca Guadagnino за прекрасный фильм, который он снял.✨
Не буду скрывать, я плакала. Даже когда ехала в такси с показа, я плакала.😟 Зал плакал, и в конце были аплодисменты.

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sufjan stevens - carrie & lowell | 2015
— Y’all should listen to death with dignity by Sufjan Stevens it’s 11/10 ♥️ especially if it’s raining! 🙃🙌🏼 -

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Parfait pour ce dimanche soir! À chaque fois que je l’écoute, je me rends compte comment j’aime cet album-là ! ❤️ #sufjanstevens #carrieandlowell #music #indieartist
My favorite part of coffee is the milk diffusion ❤️
Song: Come on! Feel the Illinois!
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
music in bio 💼
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I bought this CD on release day and still have my recalled Superman edition. Pure brilliance from start to finish. Sufjan Stevens. Illinois. Asthmatic Kitty, 2005. 10th Anniversary Red, White, and Blue Marvel edition. Limited to 10,000.
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell

No words are really adequate to describe this stunning album from Sufjan Stevens.
Written in the period after the passing of his mother, Stevens has delivered one of the most devastatingly beautiful albums of recent years.
Although released in 2015, I've only really started giving this album some proper attention in the last few months; and uninteruppted attention is required to get the most out of this record, so sit back, listen, and let this modern masterpiece work it's magic.
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Day 295

Sufjan Steven - Carrie and Lowell (March 31st 2015)

Giving this a spin because it's been a while AND because it's brilliant of course. Often the best albums for me are the ones written about tragedy or some sort of personal event.
5 Albums that spring to mind would be.....
Bob Dylan- Blood on the tracks
Nick Cave- The Boatmans calls -Skeleton Tree
Joni Mitchell- Blue
Ryan Adams- Heartbreaker
These are all also favourite albums of mine, there's many more though. 'Carrie and Lowell' fits into this mould nicely it's basically an album about death and relationships around death, won't go into too many details about specifics as you'll pull your own story from the lyrics. Musically I also think that 'Carrie and Lowell' is an amazing album, it's subtle folky and eerie vibe is on occasion broke by the electronic intermission part way through some of the tracks ('Drawn to the blood' is a great example of this) I absolutely love Sufjan's voice which is neither strong and pitch perfect as it gently caresses it's soundtrack.
This album is a modern classic if I've ever heard one, everyone should listen. And if you haven't gave this a spin in a while (like me), pull it back out the rack and immerse yourself. Every song is amazing.
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