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I was calling Paula but she got dark I mean the lights got drk so yeah #joeybirlem #suckass #birlemsfan @_paularodriguez15
Yes, we are aware of how obnoxious we are when we’re together (looking at you @khaledk1 and @musak19) and nope we still don’t careee #suckass #suckstosuck
Apparently with the new youtube guidelines someone is spamming my old farm videos (ie the butchering for meat videos) and I just got hit repeatedly with warnings on them.
Just to be clear these are VEHEMENTLY MARKED as videos about rabbit butcher for meat intended for those raising meat rabbits.
They do not violate the guidlines. They have all had the age restriction practically since they were put up.
#youtube #newyoutubeguidelines #suckass #stupid #meaningless #meatrabbits #homesteading
Doesn't look like much, but @kustomzunltd is gutting every last piece of OLD/ORIGINAL out of this build 😜 AND you think your SEMA build is something ? 😂😂😂 #suicideslabs #suicidedoors #lincolncontinental

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