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While cancer research and new treatments have reduced the death rate in the US, the number of worldwide cancer cases and deaths are increasing every day. My goal is to raise $150 for the @americancancersociety by Halloween for patient support and research funding! For every dollar donated, I will personally match it! Only one week left! [link in my bio] #stupidcancer #maythecurebewithyou #makecancerhistory
~losing my beautiful long hair was terrible,and i know that shouldn't be important,but it really the begining i felt so unattractive,but somehow i embraced it,i bought piles of brightly colored scarves and spent hours tying them into all creative ways on my head,and i actually miss wearing them hair since then grew back with a vengeance,but i've gained so much more than just my hair🌻

#believe #fightcancer #welness #positivity #stupidcancer #loveyourlife #staytrue #now #ibiza 💙
Have you entered yet??? 😍 To honor #breastcancerawarenessmonth, I’ve partnered with my dear friends at #CancerGrad for this awesome #GIVEAWAY!! 💗 (Check out @cancergrad’s original post on how to enter!) ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!! 😱 Good luck, everyone! 🙌🏼😘 [📸: @ch1066]

#productswithpurpose #handmadewithlove #cancergifts #breastcancersurvivor
This is the face of someone who hasn’t had any solid food besides frozen lemonade since Saturday night and is reallllly thirsty since I haven’t been able to have water since midnight. But, I took my second Hebiclens shower and I’m wearing my reproductive rights revolution shirt so it is time to get Ivanka OUTTA THERE!! #ivankathetumor #cervicalcancer #hysterectomy #clearliquiddirt #stupidcancer #fuckcancer
monday blues much!
we still can't get over the overwhelming support guys, keep the love pouring. we'll be ready for our next merchandise on board soon!
Its been a long with without you kid. Flying high my angel. ❤️ #stupidcancer #nevertooyoung #coloncancer
I always wanted to make a difference, but my kindness scares the living hell out of my mom and closest friends. Tomorrow I am gonna accomplish one of my many goals... taking this flight to Florida and finally do the post breast cancer areola reconstructive procedure.
I have studied permenant makeup and Esthetician since May 2017, to get all certificate and license. So far I hold 18 certificates from first aid, to commutiable disease in 5 states, including but not limited to body art tattooist artist, health department, Red cross, and NIC and so on. Plus 2 international certificates in permenant makeup and 2 licenses in other states.

Just for a good cause... new techniques, and helping others.
My body, my soul, my spirit when through a rollercoaster, but I am hopeful that by next week... I will make women and others happy which will make me happy, cz I didn't even get any hi 5 for what I have accomplished in such a short time.. but I still just keep going.
#Estheticianlife #areola #graduate flying #unitedairlines tomorrow. I hope I don't fain in class.
I do have a functional elbow inwhich I was denied going to esthatician skool back in 2013.
Survivher Sunday to @aprilram 👊🏼 Keep searching for those good days. #survivhersunday #survivher Want to be featured on #survivhersunday ? Use the hashtag #survivhersunday in your photo!
Hi! My name is Mia (pronounced my-uh). I have an #unbelievable #family, #wonderful #friends, a handsome #husband, and two #dogs (though I’d like to have 30... one day!). My #life is full, though it’s not exactly how I thought it would be at this point in time. I am 30 years old, and I have had #cervicalcancer for over a year. I was raised amongst #hilarious people, and my (sometimes dark 😏) sense of #humor & #sarcasm get me through A LOT of experiences and hard times in my life. Let’s get real for a second, though - I’ve had a #crappy week. #Radiation side effects are starting to pop up, my bones hurt, I have my next round of #chemo starting tomorrow... so here’s a #nofilter selfie of me, looking the way I’m feeling. #Tomorrow is a #new day, and I hope it’s better than today. Thanks to those of you who’ve been along every step of the way, and who continue to #love me, even at my worst. I love you all back, so so hard. ♥️💪🏽 #fuckcancer #notfeelinginspirational #sickofbeingtired #tiredofbeingsick #stupidcancer #findyourtribeandletthemloveyou #supportsystemiskey #YAS #youngadvocacyandsupport #bigthingsarecoming... PS - shoutout to my fab cousins @meega99 & @tamaranitai for eating too much Chinese food and having a shweepover last night. It was just what the doctor ordered. 😉🙌🏽🍲🍛
Resharing this cause its way to cool to use it only once a year! To all my fellow breasties: I admire you so much! All of you make me stronger and make smile every day!!! Lets keep in being strong together! 😘
#ootd before I went out on my supplies run today. So far I stocked up on all sorts of clear drinks as well as antimicrobial soap... while suggesting stopping at Denny’s. As a former anorexic I’m really having a hard time NOT reaching for food today on clear liquid diet day! Temptations everywhere. Next stops: CBD oil and bone broth. Bring me all the LA healing! #ivankathetumor #fuckcancer #stupidcancer #cbd #bonebroth #hysterectomy

PS - Surprise! My surgery is tomorrow!

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