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Love this powerful post from #Girlboss featuring Eartha Kitt. My thoughts on this video is that as women we all know what Eartha is saying, but we can't always execute it. We can give this advice to our best friend but it hard to do for yourself. As a hairstylist, especially in a studio salon, you talk intimately with your clients. And often this leads to friendships, which is the most wonderful thing! 💖Even if you just meet someone once in the salon, it still leads to very strong personal conversations. Women need to continue to empower one another, build one another up. Celebrate each other. Help each other recognize our own worth and truly love ourselves. I hope that I can be as confident and passionate about myself and my worth as Eartha....and apply that to everything I do. 🙌🏻 Confidence is always beautiful, don't compromise ❤️❤️❤️
Assignments all handed in and I can finally relax now!🎉 Here's my work inspired by a 1900s Circa Wedding dress with the lovely @monica_xia_ as my model 💜
Check out other students work @masseyfashionxtepapa
Designer: Nicole
Photographer: Nicole
Model: Monica
Editing: Monica & Nicole
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Client's are really closing in on some big mile stones this month. Check out Liz doing big things with the 48kg KB. Mostly fear keeps us from our goal and although it toll work to get her mentally ready and willing to do it we got their and she makes it look easy... #clientgainz #deadlift #kb #strongwomen #strongfirstgirya #sfgcoach #miamiequinox #coralgablestraining
Cheated on my crossfit tonight with some pumpfit 💪🏻 it was an incredible workout by far but I am happy to say I'm a crossfit girl at heart and very much enjoy lifting and throwing heavy ass shit 🙃❤️ go to and use code "BiggieSmalls" for 20% off the best of the best 💩 #fitgirlsofig #fitgirlsofinstagram #crossfit #girlswhocrossfit #girlswhowod #strongwomen #fitnessaddict #addictedtofitness
What a day! 4 awesome client sessions and a fab Chest and triceps workout with my #swolie. I felt good and strong considering I have been working out very minimally lately. Love that tricep pump and the residual bicep pump from Monday’s workout! #strongwomen #fitmom #fitat40 #thisis40 #vcnstrong #spartan #spartanba17 #vcnfitness

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