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User Image ketoandfit_af Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:56 PM (UTC)

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Dinner is served! Really felt like a warm homemade meal so I made a classic. Meatloaf (made with ground pork rinds instead of breadcrumbs), cauli-mash, and green beans with extra butter. #ketodinner 😋
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User Image kristytakesthewindingroad Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:56 PM (UTC)

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#transformationtuesday don't mind if I do! Top pictures was me 5 months postpartum in after my 4th short human, bottom is me the longest I have gone postpartum in almost a decade. Yoga gave me my core and strength back after a very long (43 weeks to be exact) and rough pregnancy (#hgsurvivor) I will forever be better because of my practice. #plowposeprogress #strongmom #fitmom #momof4 #momofgirls #yogamom #yogasavesmylife
This was my library buddy today. She collected leaves outside, ran on the grass, was quiet while I chose my book, and then put on a puppet show for me while we were in the children's section.
Definitely a good day and though I KNOW they can't all be this good, these are the days I want to remember when my babies are grown up and no longer want to spend the morning with me at the library.
User Image babyandmefitness Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:52 PM (UTC)

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We just love these words of wisdom from @terrellbaldock ・・・
There is a lot of unrealistic messaging in #fitness during #pregnancy .
No, you're not a delicate flower who has to give up the fitness or athletic training you love, but you do need to approach your training in a way that supports your body's demands. .
You can modify your current program in ways that are still challenging and fun without the high impact. .
You can increase your repetitions and lower the weight, change the stance of some of your lifts, and change up the pace to increase your heart rate. You can even swap your barbell for kettlebells and dumbbells as your belly grows to maintain your lifting technique.
Going to extremes, especially, in the later stages of pregnancy may have an impact on your #core and #pelvicfloor that can impact your #postpartum fitness performance
User Image spartanmom.april Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:48 PM (UTC)

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This is the result of back to back nights at the softball fields! ⚾😁 Yep, I clearly need to try harder reminding myself NOT to slide and dive, especially not when wearing yoga pants, haha. My poor knee...but it'll heal! 😉💪
User Image sprinkle_km_of_inspiration Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:49 PM (UTC)

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When you set your eyes on what’s above, you will look behind to see many of those who once were in your life, stayed behind. It’s okay, just keep walking, keep climbing and just focus on what’s above. You are meant to climb mountains not settle behind in the valley 🙏🙌 #jesusfirst
User Image bikinibodsquad Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:43 PM (UTC)
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Ready for a TRX core challenge?? I was just playing around with the TRX today and my imagination.. and once again the moves seemed MUCH easier in my head (especially the last one!) But good news!! It became a pretty killer core stability workout and i had to share with y’all! Give it a shot & let me know if you have questions on form! 😊💪🏻 #BikiniBodSquad #TRX #coreworkout

3 rounds <10> TRX Pike Split
<10 each> TRX hanging bridge leg raises <10> TRX Bird Dogs •

#stability #fitmom #strongwomen #momswholift #core @fit_moms_of_ig @trxvideos @avac_life @athleta @nikewomen
User Image alexazerrate Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:45 PM (UTC)
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Do you have a place in your bucket list to go to??? ONE of mine 😉 is Paris! ☝️
What about you? •

User Image jlwbrake Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:39 PM (UTC)

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Almost got the gogo juice (energize) drank going to crush day 2 workout!!!
User Image marissa.k Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:37 PM (UTC)

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I wish I had a clean tidy workout room with super awesome lighting, buuut I live in my in-laws’ basement, so it is what it is. I saw a post from another fit mama today & it inspired the hell outta me. I love the body I am in, but I know for certain I can make it even stronger. I’m so stoked to kick it into high gear. The new year is upon us. What’s your New Years resolutions? .
#yogi #headstand #strongmom #fitmama #lookatthatcalftho #getnfit #getnlit
P.C. @mel_bev
User Image michelleleeclarke Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:33 PM (UTC)

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Leg Day!😅Took a lot for me to get through today so proud I’ve checked squats off my list ✅ Now what’s for dinner?🙄#hotmessbutblessed #strongmom
User Image dakotahope6478 Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:26 PM (UTC)

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Photo1: 4 months post pregnancy- no exercise
Photo2: 3 months into light exercise and low impact cardio (lots of seated cycling)
Photo3: (After 2 months of lifting light weights) Then moved interstate and took a 2month break from exercising (I got hella lazy!) <--- *after 4 months total*
Photo4: Taken yesterday. After consistent exercise since September
The last 3 months I've finally started exercising the way I wanted to since my daughter was born. Exercising with no restrictions has made my fitness journey so much easier (easier because of no restrictions, harder because I can actually go hard). Yesterday I went through my phone and found pictures from the beginning of my fitness journey, I started in about February of this year. 4 months post baby and that's the biggest I've ever been in my life, and I know it's not huge, but for me it was and I was so down and hard on myself about it, so I started training small, my body started changing.
I didn't realize the sort of yoyo action my body went through this year, its not healthy, but I'm working on it. Im not yet where I want to be, but I am proud of my progress and how far I've come.. The more I see results, the more I push myself. I strive for progress, not perfection👌🏻
#progress #progressnotperfection #bikinibodyburngirls #persistence #mombod #bodylove #bodyconfidence #selflove #improvingmyself #strongmom #beautifulbody #momsofinstagram #fitnessjourney #fitmom #momlife #fitfam #workinprogress #strongwomen
#love #instagood #photooftheday #followme #instafollow #followback #push #keepgoing #progresspic #iloveme #mytransformation
User Image fitsconsinmom Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:20 PM (UTC)

6 X-Pro II
Chuck Norris once defeated a laserbeam in the 100 meter dash.....
#speedwork day!
10 min warm up
8x400 w/400m RI
Today was day 1 of a new training plan, and with it being a beautiful 19 degree day I really wanted to put it off till next week.
I have a good 400 m stretch in front of my house so I just ran back and forth. I'm pretty sure my neighbor with the little white dogs decided to leave his house mid workout because his dogs went nuts every time I ran by, lol.

#chucknorris #trainingstartstoday #coldweatherrunning #wisconsinrunner #werunwisconsin #momsrunthistown #gobeyondpace #findyourstrong #podpowered #garminrunner
User Image lizzystone Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:19 PM (UTC)
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Came across this pic of me and my mini. 💛💛
I am in love with winter, but this photo brought such a huge smile to my face. I love hanging out with this little fish.
It also got me thinking about swim suit season. 🙄🙄🙄 Why do some of us always dread it? Well I am saying, "no!" I am done having a negative outlook on the swim suit season. 👙
The thing is I am making the changes both mentally and physically to feel my best in my own skin. To rock my mom bod and be proud.
Stop struggling with negative thoughts in your head and take charge of your body and how you feel about it. ✌🏼 I am opening up 10 spots in my 80 day group which starts January 15th. This group and program are game changers. I am pretty sure you don't want to miss out on this!!! Sales and specials are available this Thursday the 14th for this brand new program.

Get ready to trim your waist, boost your booty, build your abs and feel your best self!
Join my "I am ready to CRUSH 2018!" Group.
All the info you need to get started will be provided and signups complete on 12/14. You can start with a ramp up program to get you familiar with the 80 program. And by 01/15 you will be ready to achieve all that you want within your health and fitness.
I am pumped to do this along side you!! Let's make the start of 2018 AWESOME!! Link in my bio or email me at 🏔

#mountainmamafit #2018 #fitlife #newyou #motivation #inspiration #accountability #friendsinfitness #happy #healthy #healthandwellness #selflove #takecareofyou #youcan #momgoals #strongmom #ibelieveinyou #athomeworkouts #densenutrition #movingmountains
User Image Posted: Dec 12, 2017 10:48 PM (UTC)
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Aku yg kataMu bandel tetapi aku bangga memiliki seorang ibu sepertiMu yg kuat membesarkan anakMu tanpa seorang ayah sampai saat ini!! 💝💝💝💝#loveyoumom #strongmom
User Image fitmommabricco Posted: Dec 12, 2017 11:14 PM (UTC)

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I woke up today not feeling super well. I'm actually pretty exhausted. My thoughts are baby must be growing a lot right now or something because all this pregnancy I keep having random days here and there where I wake up and feel completely exhausted. So today is a day I usually get a workout in but I'm going to listen to my body and rest. I think it's important to listen to your body even when your not pregnant. Some times people get so hung up on a certain day being their Rest Day that they struggle getting through their workouts. I'm more of the kinda of person that don't drag your feet if your completely exhausted for some reason. Rest, let your body recover, then hit it hard again. 👍🏻

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