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If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too." as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.
Butt kicks! This move makes me feel like a child. Maybe one day I’ll be able to hold it and then maybe one day after that I’ll be able to do a handstand. So many #goals . #buttkicks #leanforhalloween #21dfx #power #strength #feeltheburn #stronggirls #powerfulwomen
Shitty lighting but damn everything feels better with a tan 😂
10kg PB on my squat today for 3x2 💪👊
#pb #squats #legday #myowncompetition
#transformationtuesday Leg edition! This is about a two years difference, left I was a baby 🤓 in the dorms and the right after 3 years of consistent lifting! I honestly don't know how much muscle i've put on but looking at photos I'd say a solid few pounds! Here are some perks to building up your cute #leggies and tips!
🔸EAT gurllll. You're not gonna put on muscle without eating in a slight surplus. Yes I put on some fat each time I go through a building phase, but each time I lean down I have more definition and mass!
🔸More muscle = higher metabolism. Legs are your biggest and in my opinion most straining group to train. Grow your legs, grow your metabolism!
🔸Creates the illusion of hips and smaller waist, especially if your genetics don't have that hour glass shape.
🔸I personally train mine 3x/week. As a beginner probably 2x, but I make sure to mix it up like quad/glute focused, ham/glute focused, and glute focused. Mama likes to train her glutes 🍑 #peachy 🔸I highly recommend glute bridges and hip thrusts. @bretcontreras1 is my go-to for form tips and glute building exercises. 🔸#mindtomuscle connection! Especially with those glutes. They're a core stabilizer, but many of us create instability through the years. I do engagement movements to activate my glutes, and mindfully contract them through movements. Just think of squeezing them the whole time. Eventually you'll be getting up from your couch using your glutes and walking up hills using your glutes. They may grow 6 inches, don't quote me. -----------------------
End of the day it takes consistency! If you go to the gym 3x/month and expect to get defined legs, it probably won't work out. Yes you need to fuel your body to grow, but don't feed it s**t. Give your body proper nutrients so that it can heal itself and you can feel good. Looking good is a bonus! Let's do the #bootybuilding togetha! It takes time but hard work pays offffff💞
#girlswholift #stronggirls #bodybuilding #legday #quads #livefit #fitfam #goldsgym #bossgirls #physique #trainhard #fitsporation #girlgains #muscle
Going to States!
A great day for this one @emmaklandis and it was a joy to watch! Thank you @e_rip_p for keeping the party going @fitlabvb so I could watch my girl!
#girlsthatgolf #womensmovementcollaborative #stronggirls #girlsgolf #womensgolf
Talking about careers in healthcare with our new tutor @coach_lola who works on Radiology at Sharp! We are SO EXCITED to have her on the FANCY Team!
It's 8:30pm. Nobody cares, get your work done. ✅
Thankful for access to a garage gym on nights that I get off at 7:30 and can't make it to the gym.
@the_lab_gym @midwesternbuilt #TheLab #HeavyMetalCrossFit #MidWesternBuilt #CrossFit #CrossFitGirls #StrongGirls #TakeItInStreid #CrossFitGames #CompTrain @Crossfit @crossfitgames
Welcome to Stigma lol
As our lovely bartender can tell you, This is the kind of things you see when you walk into Stigma on Monday nights! Strength training for pole fitness class! Super proud of my ladies working hard together to hold those weighted planks!! 🖤
#supportoneanother #partnerworkout #extremeplanking #stronggirls #comeworkoutwithme #polefitnessclass #mondaymotivation #strongissexy #stigmatattoobar #downtownorlando
Put your leggings on, pull your hair back, pick your chin up, & kick some booty!

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