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SARVANGASAANA. The Shoulder Stand pose.

This Asaana is called the mother of all asaanas due to technical involvement of all body parts. This is very effective and must be included in ones daily routine and if performed continuously will be of immense benefits to the body.
Some of the benefits to the body are to the blood circulation, kidney, hair, ear, nose, eyes, thyroid system etc.
It also increases upper body flexibility and more strength to the core arms and shoulders too. Some people may not do this and consult your physician before doing this Asaana.

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As I look for ways to de-stress, I'm using more aromatherapy options. Try diffusing, warming, bathing or using the scents on your pillow. Tonight I will be dropping the Calm scent on my pillow to help lull me to sleep. Drop your de-stress tips in the comments below.
I got my walk in at lunch, it was a nice day, it was a bit nippy but the sun felt good. This afternoon I caught a view of a sun dog. That rainbow in the corner. #gettinghealthy #stressrelief

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