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Looking for what only Jesus can give you in other people will leave you woefully underwhelmed and the rest of your life will be littered with failed relationships. But if you will accept all Jesus has done and will do for you, you’ll be able to love people well and allow them to love you well and with endurance. #straighttalk
#snoopdogg response to #LonzoBall performance N #LACvsLAL & the #bullseye his Dad put of his bk w/ all his chat #Hilarious #askKG 😂
Just not sold on lonzo never have and never will. If he gets separation going right he can’t pull up because he has to sling the ball back to his left side to pull up so he can’t get any mid range shot off. Going left to pull up is his only option but the ball is coming across his body back to the defender so if they time it or close enough he has to rush the shot. Handle is average athleticism is average. He gets over credited for passing the ball up the floor. Extremely over hyped for passing the ball up the floor like that’s what your your suppose to do just so many guards don’t and dribble the air out the ball. His rebounding ability is great he has a knack for that and he rotates well on defense but on ball defense is terrible no aggression or foot speed. In the mid range doesn’t have a good floater for his shot to be so bad. The timing and speed of the nba won’t allow him to get comfortable shots off. I’ve seen and continue to play a lot of basketball including currently in Germany now so my opinion isn’t based off a fan page or a clown who hasn’t played before like most of these pages. What where your thoughts on his game tonight?
A lot of folks want to be on the show & I want to book every single one ! But I need a studio! If you have a studio or know of one ! Hit me up! Dm or email above. #holdthechaserpodcast #studio #radioshow #straighttalk
Did you know straightening your teeth can help your overall oral health? Ask us how we can help! #straighttalk #fortheyoungandtheold #yegdentist