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Lmfao so she makes me look stupid.. don't you guys love when your pet makes you look stupid ALL OF A SUDDEN doesn't understand you , suddenly they are hungry like you starve them.. fucking little shits !! Lol #straightchillin #fatass #chubbybunny #rabbitsarenotfood 😤
Slid in through a washing machine and emerged from a refrigerator. #straightchillin
Namaste at E.P. & L.P. 👍🏽
Haven't ever been able to do a nonchalant lotus, especially in public, and reconstructive knee surgery definitely didn't help either. But dedication and yoga teacher training has been the key to finally accessing this pose! I mean, look at D's face. How can I not be excited about this? 😝
✨💕🍠 Rowan chillin at Urban Belly eating her sweet potatoes🍠💕✨