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Everyday I can't wait to get home and see @gunnermajor big mushy face! Is there anything better than puppy love after a long day? 🐾💚#stolefrom @idratherbewithmydog
*Size* : free (woollen & acrylic mix ) colours as picture
*Length* : 57-70 cm *Sleeve* : 57 cm *Price - - 1589
ship free*😍😍 Book yours orders !!!!! Stock ready
A new era begining
Pleasure to launch first ever *UNISEX STOLES* for men and women
Rich embroidered colourful a duapattas with dazzling and hanging laces.
For women
Wear it as *a dupatta* *stoles* *shawl*

For men
Wear it as a *stole* on casual and *a dupatta* on kurta for ethnic occasions

70"-72" * 21" *Price 1150
Shipping free
I was a victim of identity theft it took me 13 months to save up 18k from working helly overtime at work,12 & 16 hr days.And now my bank account is negative -$987.42 cause I didn't have overdraft perfection or fraud protection.And I had all my account info on my iPhone & credit card info scanned in my iPhone & someone was able to get that information & made multiple purchases buying stuff on line, using my info ordering all types of stuff.They ordered thousands of dollars worth of bullshit,they definitely hit a lick on me!They purchased so much dumb shit on line,jewelry,50 inch flat screen TVs,several iPhones,mac book laptops,iPods,headphones etc..yea enjoy ya shopping spree Lucky bastards!They can kiss the body part I shit from 🖕🏾I got fraud protection investigations coming after you, you want be able to enjoy all that shit for long. Wait for it 🤕 they have already tracked down a lot of the purchases & I've been getting some of my money back into my bank account & onto my credit card little by little , just gota take it a day at a time 🤕😕 #naturalhair #crying #cryingontheinside #cryingmyeyesout #cryinggirl #sadvideos #hurt #fuckthieves #suicidalthoughts #stolefrom #noweave #realhair #identitytheft #nodaysoff #worktoomuch #workingot #alwaysatwork