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User Image nerdy_sting Posted: Dec 17, 2017 11:33 PM (UTC)

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Is it just me that I high key ship sting x future rogue?

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User Image jellal.ferunandes Posted: Dec 17, 2017 11:04 PM (UTC)

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(So I'll start a series of Short stories and one shots inspired by songs, here goes nothing xD i hope you like it)

Song: Bad Days
Album: Blue Lips
Singer: Tove Lo

Sample Writing —Bad Days—

She used to love him on his bad days.
Jellal was recreating all the good times he had with his childhood friend Erza, all in his mind.
An old photography triggered this reminiscence.
The image was old and the colors were faded.
But you could clearly see Erza because of her distinct scarlet hair.
The blue haired male next to her always held her dear to him.
Jellal knew a sinner like him didn't deserve love, nor Erza.
She had the power to make him feel powerless like a sinner in front of a masterpiece or feel strong to face a whole army.
He never really understood.
He knew he should move on or forget her.
But he never learned how people move on from a heart to love another.
He never really understood it...
And she was all he thought about.
She made him feel so useless, and he did it to her too.
And for that he felt sorry.
He always thought he'd make her miserable if he confessed his love.
And to top it off he believed she would never love him.
She triggered so many feeling and desires inside of him. Was that love?
A feeling of helplessness, longing, missing, and pain?
The blue haired male knew he was to blame since he lived like a gypsy, always moving from one place to another. But that was part of his atonement, maybe one day he could be with his beloved.
But first he had problems to solve, seas to cross and a home to find.

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