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User Image bryancm88 Posted: Dec 11, 2017 2:52 PM (UTC)

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User Image lina.desire Posted: Dec 11, 2017 2:48 PM (UTC)

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User Image fuckinzakkin Posted: Dec 11, 2017 2:26 PM (UTC)

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Caption interview by @shoutloud_official in 🇯🇵. インタビューの字幕付け、1週間で5分しか進まなかった。。。笑 年内に字幕付け終わりたい!
やっぱりSTYGはDiamondが一番!っていうファンも多くて、それをメンバーも感じてたんやなぁって思いながら、今回のアルバムはホンマに良くて、その理由が、歌詞やったり、微妙な感情の表現やったりする。もっと激しい方が良いとか書いてる人もいたけど、Fxxk Youとか、Mother Fxxckerとかそんな怒りを現すばかりがHardcoreではないと思うのです。
It took 1 week to caption for 5 min interview😑 I need two more week to complete to caption all🎄
They’d thought Diamond was pinnacle of band, but their thought was refreshed by True View😆
Hardcore song is always described “Anger to fuxk’n society, politics, police...etc” I like it, but sometimes I can’t understand and I’m tired of it. So True View is very personal and emotional, I have much empathy to these songs. This is also one of hardcore. This Josh’s interview is so interesting. Please check full of interview! #sticktoyourguns #styg #TRUEVIEW #shoutloud
Chris loves Biohazard so much that he asked us to take a pic on the train tracks and then ignored us and FaceTimed his family. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #morecorede #mctakeover #styg #trueview #sticktoyourguns
Last show of the #trueview tour with @stygoc, @beingasanocean, @silentplanetband and @firstbloodrules tonight at Essigfabrik, Cologne! Thank YOU all for making this an absolutely amazing experience and one of the best tours I've ever been part of. Let's go out with a bang, Germany! 📸 by Kiki Heindl for @capturetheshow at Flex, Vienna. #firstblood #firstbloodrules #sticktoyourguns #beingasanocean #silentplanet #bitchell
A damn dream came true! An incredible evening. For 5 years I dream of a meeting to say thank you. Last night I was able to say thank you and give you my letter. Thank you Being as an Ocean❤I didn't only watch this stage diving, I was even there. (You can see it in a Video in this post 😌😏😅 ) It was amazing. Thank you for not letting me down. Thanks for the unforgettable show❤
Being as as Ocean? Thank you for being there for me. You became the only ones.❤ #Beingasanocean #postcore #melodiccore #metal #heavy #stagediving #Styg #Sticktoyourguns #music #concert #PurpleLetter #hope #beingasanocean #sticktoyourguns #postcore #baao #postcoremusic #beingasanoceanband #hardcore #metalcore #music #sticktoyourgunz

Lena!? Danke fürs Dolmetschen. Du bist doch wirklich meine liebste Konzert begleitung❤
User Image ptrckbrgr Posted: Dec 11, 2017 12:52 PM (UTC)
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That Love has kissed our lips.
That Love has touched our eyes.
And no matter how sincere,
Love has changed our lives.
And even if all love has flown,
We'll have a few scars to proudly show
Cause at the end of our lives
We can say, 'At least we tried'. - The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget.

@beingasanocean #sticktoyourguns #beingasanocean #concert #cologne #melodichardcore

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