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Body found 3yr old #sherinmathews that Bastard of a #stepfather had her stand in the front yard cuz she didn’t drink her milk. 😢😢😢
POST NOVO NO BLOG 📝 | “Eu não vou namorar tão cedo”, disse a mãe solteira. Na verdade mesmo, sendo mãe solteira ou não, que atire a primeira pedra quem nunca disse isso haha.
was quite the eventful unplanned weekend 😂 even stood longer than @guspurdie himself 😉😘
I got a taste of Instant Karma!!! I scared my BBYGIRL and..... SHE SLAPPED ME!!!!! HARD TOO!!! SO I TICKLED HER AT THE END.
You were the best step father a girl could ask for. I’ve known you almost my entire life and I don’t have a lot of memories that don’t have you in it. I know this may not be much, but if I wanted to say everything there would never be enough space on earth to publish how much you meant to me.
You’re so strong, you fought so hard and I’d give anything to have you back. I keep picturing you showing up one day laughing acting like it was just a joke, even if nobody thought it was funny. I wish there was more time.. but you’re free. Just a piece of blue sky, as the night will gain a new star. You’ll be forever in my heart. Just remember this isn’t goodbye.. Just an I’ll be seeing you.. ❤️ #rip #iloveyou #foreveryoullbe #flyfree #neverforgotten #imissyou #free #stepfather