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Edit for our amazing blueberry son Ezra.. 💙💞💫
..who deserved better than just going on nowhere with a shitty ass imperial he hated.. 😒
Hope that the next animated series will be about Ahsoka and Sabine trying to find him, bringing him back to Hera and espacially to meet Jacen!! And maybe to become his master? why not.. we all want it! 💙💚
Hope you like it! Have a great day and May The Force Be With You! 💕
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User Image ahsoka_tano_03 Posted: Mar 23, 2018 7:19 AM (UTC)

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User Image i_am_movies Posted: Mar 22, 2018 11:54 PM (UTC)

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Star Wars Rebels Season 4 (Final Season) – 82% - Mike

I’ve enjoyed all of Star Wars Rebels and this season was another fantastic addition to the universe. Thrawn is one of the best villains in any show, Star Wars or otherwise, and the characters have really grown, while the story is kept fresh & grounded. The stand-out episodes for me were ones where it adds further to our understanding of The Force (especially the World Between Worlds). We finally know what happened to Ahsoka, it shows how the Empire in all it’s might can still be a blundering mess when driven by overconfidence and irrational decisions fuelled by anger and it shows that family doesn’t mean blood and even the smallest groups can make the biggest differences, which is always something the younger generation need to hear. I loved the tie-ins with the movies too, as they’re always a great fan-service.
My only critiques of this season were that I found the ending to be a bit unsatisfying (I won’t spoil it) but it felt like a bit more could’ve been done, and that this season wasn’t quite as hard-hitting as the season with Maul in it, but it was still definitely brilliant!
I cannot wait for whatever the next animated series will be, as well as the live action series directed by Jon Favreau!
User Image sxbinewren05 Posted: Mar 21, 2018 9:11 PM (UTC)

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Sabine edit! 💥💖💜💣
My precious space bean, mandalorian warrior and artist, my beautiful girll 😍
I didnt got to edit it as much as i wanted cause Picsart fucked up for 2 times amd then i gave up (plus it's late also 😂) so we go like this!
Hope you like it!
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Hera the space mom edit!
While making this i kept telling myself for kinda 20 mins just how fuckin much i love Hera Syndulla. She is SO amazingg she's just ahh... she is perfect ok? Great mom, super leader, awesome pilot, best space wife, everything. 😍❤
#swr #starwarsrebels #starwarsrebelsseason4 #herasyndulla #captainsyndulla #generalsyndulla #generalhera #spacemom #spacewife
So hi everyone! Here im starting a multiple style theme and i hope im gonna change it again! 😂 (sorry about that)
Starting it off, sadly, with a Kanan funeral edit because today it's been a month since our beloved Space Dad had died.. and we still need to honor him.
Hope you all had a great day! Goodnight and May The Force Be With You! ❤
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