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O Aperol Spritz, é um drink refrescante e equilibrado, que combina Prosecco, Aperol, água com gás, laranja e gelo.
E quinta ele vem em DOBRO! 🍹🍾🍊🇮🇹 #spritz #aperol #drink #coquetel #emdobro #joinville #botequimbarao #aquidaban
NY right now is clinging on as tight as it can to warm weather vibes. And so am I with this cocktail. My buddy Andrew brought over a bottle of Stone Fruit Vodka from @middlewestspirits to tinker around with and came up with a drink you’d sip along in the warmer months, pre batch and bring to a picnic.
Using @tossware Tumblers as the drinking vessel of choice here is the perfect choice for any event/gathering/outing where imbibing is to occur. Not only are they high quality recyclable/disposable they also stack together for easy transport or if you wanna play wizard sticks with how many drinks ya drunk! -
.75oz OYO Stone Fruit Vodka
.75oz @PeychaudsAperitivo
.75oz @lofiaperitifs Gentian Amaro
.75oz Lemon Juice
Shake,Strain over ice, Top with 2oz or so of @drinkbai Sparkling Jamaica Blood Orange,Garnish with Orange

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