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You have an invisible magic wand in your hands💫💕
You create magic with your every action🌸
And, how can I say this?
Coz, I don't think any other way of my days being so gorgeous, had it not been your magic💖
You have the magic to bring everything on track🙆😘
I hope this magic keeps residing within you❤You keep on coming out with magical things✔👑
And yes, I believe in magic😊Because of you🙆🙏
👑❤ @darshanravaldz ❤👑
#darshanravaldz #darshanraval #darshanturns23 #spreadlove
First of all good morning people! ❤so there's a message for all of us
❤'like all love some hate none'
😇we must respect each and every splitsvillan✌and We should admit that we spread hatred by writing bad about any splitsvillan 😇but from now we will say nothing bad about anyone and will respect all of them❤everyone deserves equal respect ✌that's what divya di also wants 💖💖she never wants to spread hatred😇so now onwards mission positivity!❤🙏🙏
this lovely message by @divyaaank and I agree with you diduuu💖💖💖💖 @hritu_zee we all are really sorry✌we admit that sometimes it was our mistake😅hum sbne kbhi na kbhi kuch zaada hi bol Dia...but we all love you hritu Di❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
GRATEFUL. For these crazy BADASS people who rode & raced with me today 🙌 For my ridiculously AMAZING #PNWflyfam @shanehoey & @m_haggerty7 for reppin’ front row & @adypeterson for a FIERCE ride this morning 🔥 For the people that SHOW UP day in & day out and bring the biggest & best smiles (@carlywolberg I’m lookin’ at you gurl!) 💪 For this job the I LOVE wholeheartedly & the people that make @flywheelsports so great 🙏 For my @lululemon fam & the chance to feel like Santa handing out fun surprises & gifts 🎁 For my fabulous triathlon coach @triteresa who showed up & let me kick her ass for once 🤣 So thanks ya’ll, for real, it was a pretty great Tuesday ❤️ #theghostrace #rideandrace #thesearemypeople #flywheel #triathlon #spreadlove #dowhatyoulove #nevercoast

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