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User Image dancingyogagirl07 Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:40 PM (UTC)

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🍃Y O G A 🍃 has been a HUGE instrument in helping heal my anxiety and depression. My mind has always been on a constant spinning wheel of "what ifs" "living in the past" living in the future" . My husband's famous quote to me was "Get out of your head Bre!" Yoga has helped me do exactly that ! Getting out of those vicious cycles of worry and fear. It is teaching me to just be ! I also discovered Malas from @merubeads . I call them my "prayer beads" and when they are on my body they are a constant reminder to focus on the good. When my anxiety gets at an all time high (which it still does because no one is perfect) I place my self in a quiet place , sit up tall, close my eyes, hold on to my beads and give my prayers and worries to the Lord. I think that's one thing I love so much about Yoga - there is no judgment - it can be whatever you want it to be . I have found a deeper connection to ME , Breanna , who she really is , connecting to the beautiful spirit within me that I have ignored for so long .... and for once in my life I L♥️VE her!
User Image 0ctrinated Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:36 PM (UTC)

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Life’s been putting challenges upon my challenges and I’m so drained but I’m also like hell yeah this is teaching me so damn much I’m hyped for how strong this all’s gonna make me but I’d sometimes rather just lay around and rewatch all the Harry Potter movies but nah headache all ze time, it’s been a ride, lemme tell ya 🧙🏼‍♀️
User Image vanessalyons04 Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:38 PM (UTC)

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User Image spiritualppl Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:37 PM (UTC)

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Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Here are 40 creative ways to gain that special peace of mind by @tinybuddhaofficial - Link in Bio 🦋
User Image mercedesmarinello Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:31 PM (UTC)
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Sometimes we look for sources outside of us to give us answers and yes they can shed light on our behaviors and why we feel stuck but all the power you need is inside of you. Human beings are so very powerful and they don’t even know. With some minor or major tweaking, you can start to form your life the way you want it. It may be your belief system or it may be that you are not able to see what I see in you and I see someone who can conquer the world.
User Image chrysalisyogaretreats Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:29 PM (UTC)

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Winter Solstice Webinar + Intention Setting Session For 2018- An online event! ❄️.
For many centuries, Winter Solstice has been celebrated as a time for setting intention and turning inward. It's a season designed for reflecting upon the year as it comes to a close and gaining clarity on what needs to shift in order to make the most of the year ahead. Join me as I guide you through this very special 75 minute online event that will:.
. 🔹 Shed light on the significance of the Winter Solstice 🔹 Explain why winter season is rich with healing potential and how it can be used to advance personal evolution and spiritual growth 🔹 Guide you through an energy clearing meditation and visualization 🔹 Give A ritual to assist with moving into the new year with clarity and confidence 🔹 Offer suggestions for simple ways to honor and celebrate the solstice 🔹 Provide access to both a recording and a printable PDF version of the webinar slides and ritual workbook.
Registration is open and complete details are available on our website. Link in bio!.
#kimwolffwellness #wintersolstice #webinar #intentionsetting #workshop
User Image ceemarie0521 Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:28 PM (UTC)

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User Image vegan.bracelet Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:26 PM (UTC)

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WHAT IS LOVEROPE - customizable bracelet - Vegan Leather - Handmade with 100% Love by myself
WHY I CREATED LOVEROPE: To create a physical reminder (that you can customize as you like) of who you are - of your own essence and greatness.
Be kind. Be gentle. Give love.
All these things that we inherently know but we sometimes forget. .
👉🏼Check my bio/website for more:
Sending much Love & Gratitude your way wherever you are on this beautiful planet Christian 🙏🏼❤️
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User Image thealignedlife Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:25 PM (UTC)

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It’s time to get comfortable with the idea of becoming.

Of being an unfinished product.

Of embracing your imperfections.

We’ll never cross the finish line. The goal posts keep changing. We’ll never be done.

There’s always a new desire looming on the horizon.

But when you realize that you’ll never get “there”, you get some space.

You get to opt-in to being happy in the moment (because someday never comes). You get to realize that your happiness isn’t contingent on ANYTHING outside of you.

So keep dreaming, keep scheming, keep planning.

Just don’t forget to be happy while you’re doing it. 🌈🌈🌈 ———————————————————————— with love + miracles 💫
~ Jenn
User Image akourakin Posted: Dec 15, 2017 5:22 PM (UTC)

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I’ve found when you truly commit yourself to something until it works, that you’ll go forever if you have to, that’s often when it starts to flow you. You get into non resistance with failure because your commitment is total no matter what happens.

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