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Picked up some new crystals and sage today 📿🌱 Ready to sage our home and clear any negative energy. Change of season and clearing out the old 👌🏻 I have some Thieves Spearmint diffusing to 🍂 #sage #positivevibes #goodenergy #pma #crystals #woowoo #spiritual #abundantaf #energyclearing #oilymom #naturalmoms
Isn't it amazing that you can cut off hair and actually get MORE volume?? Think about that for a second.

Do you realize what this means?? You can cut off the unhealthy, the "dead" from your life and gain MORE.

You can let go
and trust
that you will get more
by letting go.

So please don't ever hold on because you think you'll "lose" something.

Life will give you something more beautiful than what you "lost". Add volume to your life
Add healthy
Add quality.
- by letting go of what isn't that.

Love & bliss💫

Ps. Yes, I cut my own hair. That way I get exactly what I want :)
DAILY Reading 11-17-17
“Bam! Bam!” Is the initial energy when I tuned into today. There’s energy that punches you right in the moneymaker and wobbles you a little bit. But this is so that you can feel the wobble and get knocked off your footing so that you can disorientedly get re-footed. Why? So that we can grow and sink even deeper into OURSELVES. It’s important to get knocked around sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Just listen to your heart in those moments. Cradle your tender soul and listen for it’s subtle ideas. It will guide you towards rebuilding your foundation even more clearly. You are creating a magnificent platform for what you came here to do. And can I just say, I see you. You’re doing it. It’s not always smooth. You’re here. And you’re growing, I promise.
#loveyourselfmorenotless #dailyreading #dailymessage #horoscope #dailyhoroscope
So did you get my new Abundance Meditation I emailed this morning?
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