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Tomorrow is #SpiritDay 💜 ! You too, take a pledge and go purple to show your support to the LGBTQ+ youth.
Whether you are LBGTQ+ or not, if you are not aware of all the problems and discriminations the community still faces, you are simply not paying attention to the world you are living in.
Always remember that homophobia, transphobia... = ignorance.
I love you @glaad 🌈💜🏳️‍🌈
It's almost #SpiritDay2017. I've taken the pledge. It's now your turn to join the movement! Show your support and stand up against bullying. #glaad
Go to the link in my bio to take @glaad's #SpiritDay pledge ❤💛💚💙💜
【キャンペーン紹介】明日はLGBTのワカモノに対するイジメに反対するために紫色を着る #spiritday !プロフィール写真を紫にするアプリもあります。協賛社にはトヨタのグループ企業も!
So the other day after Oppikoppi, I'm walking through a shopping centre nearby. Some man says some homophobic slurs behind me and my friend. Instead of confronting him, I'm like to my friend: "You know when you're minding your own business. Walking to the ATM to get your money. And someone with no peace starts talking about you when you never even thought of him. We don't know him. Instead he wants our attention. We are talking about our own things and here he is." And the guy was quiet. He looked visibly embarrassed because his friend was now laughing at him and so were people in shops we were walking past.

The point I'm making is that one of the reasons for homophobia is people who just can't mind their own business. I'm living my life. Doing my thing. Not hurting anyone. In fact, what's on my mind is that curry I left in the fridge that I hope no one ate. Meanwhile, you go out of your way to think about me and then try to embarrass me. Basically, to bully me.
Luckily, I generally retaliate but not everyone is so lucky to have that kind of courage. In fact, such behaviors lead others to depression and even suicide. All because someone couldn't mind their own business and let them be.
Tomorrow, 19 October, is #SpiritDay. On this day we wear purple to support LGBTI+ youth who are bullied, with many eventually being driven to suicide by bullying. Please wear purple in support!
Este 19 de Octubre , todos de morado en apoyo a el día en contra de el hostigamiento en nuestra juventud. "Tu miedo no justifica tu crueldad hacia las personas diferentes"

#spiritday #spiritday2017 #spiritdayoct19 #against #bullying #diversidad #lgbt #spiritdaypanama
Join us as we participate in solidarity with #spiritday! Bullying and harassment of LGBTQIA+ folks is unacceptable. It is time we do better and hold those around us accountable to higher standards of compassion and care. #lgtqia #lgbtqhistorymonth #depauw #depauwCDI
If you see it? Stop it. If you hear it? Stop it. This Thursday is #SpiritDay so please wear Purple in support of Standing up to Bullies. 85% of LGBT youth feel bullied because of their sexual orientation and that is simply not okay. So let’s all be there for each other and #EndBullying 💜
Celebrate #SpiritDay this Thursday, Oct. 19th by wearing purple! 💜 For more information and to sign a pledge, check out this website: #MendezHS #MendezGSA @mendezgsa
National Spirit Day is THIS THURSDAY! Wear purple to stand against LGBTQ+ bullying. There will be face paint and stickers in the commons Thursday morning if you forget. #spiritday
Celebrate #SpiritDay this Thursday, Oct. 19th by wearing purple! 💜 For more information and to sign a pledge, check out this website: #MendezHS #MendezGSA @mendezgsa @somoslea @gsanetwork
In dramatic fashion, Chadwick VB wins the 5th set 15-13 to defeat Flintridge! Winning kill from Morgan Brandmeyer! #godolphins #spiritday