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I ask so much of my son & he doesn’t even know it. Work, school, training, clinical hours, him being at daycare at the ass crack of dawn, playing games on his own while I finish studying... I hope one day it’s all worth it. I love this boy so much & I do my best to make his mornings special, magical, full of love & fun. #jaxyboy #actionjaxon #starbucks #chocolatemilk #sperrys #underarmour #comboverfade #fashion #mommasboy #workingmom #paramedic #femalefirefighter #mywhy #mylove #mylife
Once you’ve been in the dark, you learn to appreciate things that shine.
My daughters and I shine. ✨
Good friend sent me an epic present today. Note the number. #boatshoes #sperrys #24
Sperry shoes size 41-42 // masih layax pakai // nyaman // aman // 230k //original

#sperrysecond #sperrybekas #sperrytopsider #sperrys
» Brand: Sperry Top Sider

» Size: 10

» Condition: Have a few marks but may be able to come out with a wash or stain remover.

» Price, Shipping Cost: $13 ($5 shipping)

» Description: Classic white Sperry's with rhine stone detailing. Have a few marks that may be able to come out with a quick wash or some stain remover. Price reflects condition.

👉 Items will be shipped the next business day after payment is made & shipping information is received 🙂

⚠️ I'm always willing to negotiate prices & I discount when more than 1 item is purchased. Be on the lookout for deals & flash sales! ⚠️
Mad for metallics with a pair of these cuties! #sperrys - sz. 7.5 - $32.99. Link below - ship or pick up at either store FREE!

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