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🌟FUN FACT FRIDAY🌟 Communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal!
Nonverbal Communication is communication without words. It includes facial expressions 🤔, eyes contact 👀 and tone of voice 🗣
It's important not only to teach your child to understand verbal communication, but also to teach your little ones to recognize and understand non-verbal cues! 🤗
#funfactfriday #funfact
So what exactly is enough sleep for toddlers and school age children❓. The recommendation is at least 10 hours of nighttime sleep in kids under 3 and at least 9 in school age children. Children who slept less then this as toddlers are "3x more likely to have hyperactivity and impulse problems". Parents With kids, that have a diagnosis of ADHD, are also "3x likely to report that their kids have a hard time falling or staying asleep". Dr Jeffrey Durmer, (Neurologist and Certified sleep medicine Physician)reports that kids who snore, and have sleep disordered breathing,are 2x more likely to have learning impairments. Full article
My students love playing a quick “match and say” game when practicing articulation! You could also photocopy artic cards
יש מטופלים שמצריכים מאיתנו לחשוב בדרך לא שגרתית, ולמצוא דרכים מעניינות לפעילות ותרגול! 💡💡במקרה הזה, העבודה הייתה על ארגון מסר מילולי עם מטופל בכיתה א׳ שהתקשה לארגן משפטים באופן תקין ומאורגן תחבירית. התאמנו על תיאור של אבסורדים בתמונות באמצעות באולינג-הרכבת-משפטים! המטופל גילגל כדור, ואת הכוסות שהצליח להפיל (ועליהן מדבקות עם חלקי משפט) סידרנו כך שיווצר משפט הגיוני ומאורגן. המטרה הושגה 👌🏿👌🏿
Building sentences bowling✏️🏐#יוצרותשפה #קלינאיתתקשורת #יצירתיות #כיף #באולינג #speechies #speechtherapy #speechtherapist #speechpathology #kidsactivities #kidsplay
And all the SLPs in October said, “🙋🏻😴☕️”
📷: @radandhappy
Pop of Knowledge: 👻 You can make anything speechy! 🤗 I found these skeletons at Duane Reade for $2 and then taped some pictures of /p/ /b/ and /m/ words for one of my tiny friends to practice! 👧🏽👱🏼‍♀️👦🏻🗣 As long as it’s motivating - it will work! 💕
PEACE strives to provide quality services. We continue to develop through training, mentoring, and constantly seek professional knowledge and experiences. Last month we attended a conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Tony Atwood as the keynote speaker. Tony Atwood is a clinical psychologist who specialises in Aspergers Syndrome. We learned about managing feelings using CBT and how to apply CBT approach with young adults with Aspergers syndrome as well as how we can help reduce bullying towards teenagers with Aspergers. It was a very insightful talk and we look forward to more learning opportunities in the future. #throwback
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Happy Friday Eve!! 🤗
Have you wondered where I’ve been for the past 2 days?? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
Well, this poem written by @speechtherapyfun explains exactly what my life has been like these past 2 days!! 😳😬
Not only have I been seeing my students for their speech therapy sessions, but in between seeing all of my students, I have had to write reports, IEP’s, attend meetings in and out of my school and conduct evaluations.😨😱
Plus, I also had to travel to see my little early intervention kiddos 👦🏻after my regular work day at school and sometimes wouldn’t get home until after 10:00 pm. 😳🤦🏻‍♀️😴
You can imagine why I wouldn’t want to look at a computer or my phone for that matter after staring at a computer all day in between seeing students, working after school and getting home late just to post on social media. 🙅🏻❌😳
But I’m back and ready to tackle my day! 🤗
Screen time is replacing parent-child interaction (playing,talking...). The more time children spend using handled screens (smartphones, tablets...), the more likely they are to experience speech delays. #speechtherapy #speechandlanguagetherapy #speechtheraspist #awareness #orthophonie #orthophoniste #communication #language
So proud of this gem! In just one session, he was able to:
➡️ Formulate a recount using a template.
➡️ Edit and add parts of his recount to make it more interesting.
➡️ Present his recount to me.
➡️ Watch back and analyse his own speech, volume and body language (Video Feedback Strategies).
➡️ Present his recount again with a 10/10 performance!

Look 👀 out for:
✅ Improved eye contact.
✅ Body posture.
✅ Not just reading from the paper but trying to engage the listener through facial expressions.
✅ Increased volume and clarity.
His perseverance and motivation to improve will take him places.
❤️💜💚 #recounts #improvement #beforeafter #speechtherapy #workingwithchildren #yourspeechroom #speech #presentation #videofeedback #kids
Congratulations to our Talkabout 5 Teacher, Luisa Mander (pictured left), who has been nominated for a National Excellence in Teaching Award!⠀

The awards recognise teachers and leaders who represent excellence within their teaching profession through their contribution to the advancement of education at a local, regional or national level.⠀

We are very lucky to have Luisa as part of the Talkabout team and wish her all the best for the National Excellence in Teaching Awards while acknowledging the great achievement it is to be nominated.⠀

Congratulations Luisa!

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camz54 2h ago
Halloween decorations done with the help of my chikitings 😊😊 #halloween #work #speechtherapy
Our lives are busy: work, family, extracurricular activities, multiple children with various needs…how can we parents find time to encourage our children to communicate?

Here are some no-frills, easy activities you can consider doing with your kids to help with their receptive and expressive language skills. Head to our Facebook for the link to find out more.
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