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User Image zipinblack Posted: Mar 24, 2018 4:35 AM (UTC)

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User Image tarryn_addlem Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:59 AM (UTC)
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✨💚Intergalactic Battle Cat got on the space slime💚✨ #getoffthespaceslime #angryman
Would look tuff on your leggy⛓⚒⛓
User Image robinlakehair Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:21 AM (UTC)

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#Shark #nebula because let's be real: what is more terrifying than the thought of #spacesharks. Soooooooooooooooo preeeeeetttyyyy. #newtattoo #shark #yesitsashark #spacetattoo I'm gonna add some more things floating around in the galaxy but I don't know what yet but I mean the possibilities are endless so I could have like a badass car hiding in a galaxy omg fuck that could be fucking killer. I had better not ever lose this arm in a horrible accident lol. Dachshund outline maybe. Rubber duck? Pumpkins? We shall see. Wait till I put up the trippy videos. Just waaiiittt
User Image jaysen_charles9 Posted: Mar 24, 2018 3:12 AM (UTC)

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„Once you have commitment, you need the discipline and hard work to get you there“ -Haile Gebrselassie
I've been making some great progress on sleeves lately. Hugely due to the fact my clients are able to sit as well as they do. You guys are tough! Sorry about the goosebumps in the photo. 🙃 To book your appointment, stop by the shop with your deposit or email

User Image lealigot Posted: Mar 24, 2018 2:32 AM (UTC)
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Tiny universe Yin for Regene today to go with her man’s Yang! ☯️💕
Finished the second session on this cover-up piece today, the space rocks are healed, the red space and planets we did today. The background was also done completely free hand with no stencil. Swipe over to see the gnarly tattoo that was covered.
Tattoo by @joel_ozinga_tattoos
#theinkwelltattoocompany #coveruptattoo #spacetattoo #asteroid #colortattoo #tattooart #customtattoo #handdrawn #red #ohiotattooers
User Image palettetattoo Posted: Mar 24, 2018 1:38 AM (UTC)

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Designs up for grabs, email to book - 👽✌🏻

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