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Can Evie spend the night? Her mom said it was okay! #puppysleepover 🐶

With great enthusiasm, I ENDORSE Sean Carrigan ( @carriganforcongress ) as the 2018 Democratic Party candidate for #SouthCarolina District 2 in the race against “Status Quo” Joe Wilson. Read my interview with Sean Carrigan to find out why! //// BJORN: What would you say to Joe Wilson’s face in a debate?

CARRIGAN: First, I'd be shocked if he showed up—Joe Wilson doesn't like to face adversity. But if I had the opportunity, I'd tell him I’m one of the few people that he has helped in South Carolina Two. By great fortune, I’m one of the few individuals who can actually afford to retire. But now it’s my turn—it’s our turn—to retire him. One-quarter of our elderly population in District 2 face poverty. Joe Wilson hasn't helped any of these folks be secure in their golden years. People are still fighting for housing, medical care. Heck, they're trying to figure out how to put food on their plates. It’s time to put Joe out to pasture so that someone in Washington can look out for all of us.

I'd look @JoeWilson right in the eye and tell him, "Hey, we were both in the Army, buddy. One of us learned how to lead soldiers, and one of us learned how to hide. I led soldiers in the battlefield, what did you do? Based on your record, looks like you’ve mastered the art of covering and concealing." //// CARRIGAN: I was brought up in a family that believes in helping others. I wasn't brought up to do for myself and my immediate family and not care about others. A core value of the Army is selfless service. Selfless service to me means that you're going to help other people without needing thanks for anything. That doesn't mean some people—that means all people.

When I look at Joe Wilson, I don’t see selfless service, I see selfish service. Selfish service is really what he's about. He's looking out for himself and a small group of people. The current Republican agenda has shifted to be unrecognizable—I have a feeling today’s Republicans would reject President Eisenhower. “CARE AGAIN, VOTE CARRIGAN!”
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