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The Young and the White Wolf Together 💖
First of all I would like to say that this is the new theme I came up with because I have yet to see anyone doing this, but I am not saying there isn't people who don't have it like this because how the hell would I know, since I am not Bran... yes it's a joke 😐😂 Second I said I would post in two days, but I changed my mind 🤷
Please comment below what you think of this because it would really help me, since I am not sure of how I feel about this... anyways if you guys hate it I will just not do it tbh... And I am gonna try to keep it black and pink, but sometimes I will change it up a bit...SORRY IF YOU DON'T LIKE PINK LMAO *ps I cried so much while making this because my babies never reunited 😭😭😭
• Q: Robb or Jon?
• A: I love you very very much Jon, but we all know Robb is my husband 💖💖😂

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