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2 of my favourite people sharing their birthdays today (born only a few years apart...😉). I love you both like crazy ❤️❤️ @lisehenley #somethingaboutmary
There's something about the newest Zena... well, two things actually - her name is Mary and we love her!💕👩🏻‍🍳#somethingaboutmary
Thank you guys soooooo much for the love...glad to be of some inspiration to others. Im really shocked at how many people have read my blog already seeing as though I just posted it this morning😊the comments are still coming in and as having been asked and promised, I will continue to post every week with hopes that soon enough I can do so twice per week. Thanks again loves! Have you guys read it as yet? If not, go ahead and give it a look --> '28 & Broke! But, Optimistic.' 😘😘😘
Anddddd it's up! There you have it guys, my New Blog - '28 & Broke! But, Optimistic.' I honestly thought I wouldn't enjoy writing this one. Thought it'd be boring and short but some fourteen pages later I was trying my best to wrap it up😊...don't like being long-winded. Nonetheless, just had to share with you all to be some form of encouragement. There's always going to be ups and downs in life, at least make them worth it! Do hope you enjoy and please comment...thanks😘!
Yes Mary just ran 400m, yes she did every one under 3 min, yes she's Motivational, yes she's amazing and yes she's Rad, yes she is 71 💪

After finally bouncing back after flu that left Mary unable to train for a few weeks it's great to see our Mary back at it, you're amazing and I'm thankful to have meet and be able to train some one so wonderful like you Mary #benchmark #crossfit #somethingaboutmary #summer #puppies
Make sure ladies, you know and trust your spray tan expert. Would hate for you to turn out like Ms Magda here.
The Mystic Peach uses only the best solutions, that can be altered to enhance your natural skin tone. All products are #organic #vegan and #crueltyfree . Bronzers are made from #coffeeextract and #sugarcane. Only the best for my clients .

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