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User Image Posted: Nov 24, 2017 10:52 PM (UTC)
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User Image korykubes Posted: Nov 24, 2017 10:26 PM (UTC)
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User Image martigayle Posted: Nov 24, 2017 6:44 PM (UTC)
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When you’re supposed to be Christmas shopping for others, but then you find these pj’s at Old Navy. #someonestopme #pajamas #christmasshopping #dachshund @oldnavy
User Image miersticles Posted: Nov 24, 2017 6:17 PM (UTC)
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I worked out yesterday just didn't take any videos. But, today was chest shoulder tricep. Nothing to exhausting but I needed a good calorie burn after yesterday. Also, I just had cicis. I ate 2000+ calories... I have a problem... #1stphormathletesearch #1stphorm #legionofboom #duespaid #fatty #pizzaislife #someonestopme
User Image missmyers12 Posted: Nov 24, 2017 5:04 PM (UTC)
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I’ve taken Black Friday to a whole other level today 🙈#payday #blackfriday #treats #someonestopme
User Image gemmalemma89 Posted: Nov 24, 2017 3:03 PM (UTC)
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User Image fewnew_hues Posted: Nov 24, 2017 8:41 AM (UTC)
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The little things. The little things that can mean the world...
This year has been tough. My end semester exams are currently going on. It is difficult to get out of bed when you're up all night unable to sleep because you know you're going to fail. Or die. Worst part is, in my head, that little jump there made complete sense.
My parents, dolls that they are, readily agreed when I told them I needed a break of sorts from all things that turn my mind into spaghetti. My mother even said something in the vein of ,"To think of it, it might actually do you good if you fail. You can tick that one off as a milestone." Yet they kept calling me this morning, to go out and atleast appear for the paper, when I knew there was no point. The professor knew too, and told me so. I shrugged in reply. Too bad I can't shrug other things off just as easily. .
I came out of the exam room in that fuzzy, cranky state of mind one perfects after bowing down to a fucked up sleep cycle. That is when I saw this message. It's been two full hours between me seeing it first in the Photocopy shop in SL1, JNU and typing this out sitting on the edge of my bed, and I have been constantly grinning ear to ear. It has kind of started hurting my jaw by now, but god knows I can't help it. It's strange how giddy you feel, when people you admire actually take out the time to respond to whatever it is that you're gushing about. .
I'm pretty sure I would have jumped just as many times if Kanan had said "You look like a potato". Thank you @kanangill for making my day.
#overthemoon #whowouldhavethunkit
#ohmygod #someonestopme #happyday #smiling #shit #pinchme #fighteveryday #liferewards #loveandlight #womenwhowrite #womenwhophotograph #fewnewhues #photosandstories #followforfollow #followforfollowback #follow4followback #follow4follow #fangirling #kanangill #okiamstopping
User Image fitwithkat12 Posted: Nov 24, 2017 5:32 AM (UTC)
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Too many appetizers today. 🤣🤣
User Image skyydancer Posted: Nov 24, 2017 1:22 AM (UTC)
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m thankful to have you as my family and friends ❤️🦃. Thank you for all the moments we shared. I would go as far as to say they were... Gourd times 😎. Sorry, didn’t mean to get 🌽-y there. You are all just so a-maize-ing. 🤗 #lamethanksgivingpuns #callingthepoliceonmyself #someonestopme #fallsohardmotherpumpkinswannaspiceme
User Image thegirlinthefrontrow Posted: Nov 23, 2017 6:24 PM (UTC)
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I've realized by now that I can't watch Yakeen Ka Safar without stopping to take screenshots of this handsome man right here, flashing his killer smile from time to time, making my heart stop 💘 @ahadrazamir #ahadrazamir #asfandyar #killersmile #lostmyheart #someonestopme
User Image meg_eynon Posted: Nov 23, 2017 6:05 PM (UTC)
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User Image follymoss Posted: Nov 23, 2017 5:55 PM (UTC)
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User Image donnariverberg Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:26 AM (UTC)
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