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dja2.0 2m ago
Evan and I running together, my training partner! He's giving me the push to get back into running.
#soberlife #dadtime
Two weeks alcohol free today! Honestly so much has happened in those two weeks that it feels like a lifetime but I'm still super proud. I've been so busy and all over the place staying sober kinda just happened. My goal for week 3 is to give my sobriety some of the attention it deserves. This means I'm going to read a couple of my sober memoirs and listen to some of my favorite sober podcasts on my drive to and from work. I'm feeling good about my sobriety but I know from the past that it's when I don't make it a priority that I start to slip again #sobermom #alcoholfree #soberlife #sober
We’re turning heads, connecting those on different paths & showing the world what recovery looks like, one Sober t-shirt at a time. #StrongerThan #nationwithoutstigma #thephoenix #climb #boxing #Sobriety #SoberLife #yoga #Hiking #strengthtraining #fitness #fitfam #cycling
•Though I used to try to forget things, I won't and I can't. If anything, each new day may bring a new memory or reminder. And I throw those into the pile of materials to make me the best version of myself. Be great today, friends.• #sobriety #soberlife #nohangovers
Here's a final shot of my leg that was done recently. Note that my left pin has been buzzed up to match my right pin. I have to thank the Dog in the sky for guiding the needles into the right places #thereisablackdog and to my sobriety for not numbing the pain #nomoreboozebeforeatattoo 🤓

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