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User Image icrud1 Posted: Mar 22, 2018 1:46 PM (UTC)

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icrud1 3h ago
Louisiana Senator wants to lower the state's legal drinking age to 18 with the hopes that people will drink in the safety of public places over private— did we even consider the increase in #drunkdriving deaths with that argument? - link in comments!
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User Image courtneyrecovered Posted: Mar 22, 2018 1:12 PM (UTC)

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Throwback to summer 2017 and to one of my favorite gal pals. I sure do miss this one but I know she is always around, thank you for the signs Elaine💜🦋👭☕️ #throwback
If you find yourself in central London, go and treat yourself to a delicious, virgin gin & tonic at the astonishingly beautiful @thecoralroom – the perfect setting for a Duchess
#drinktheduchess #nonalcoholic #lowsugar #ginandtonic #theduchess #healthydrinking #soberlife #soberfun #lovedrinks #drinklessdrinkbetter #drinkstagram #instadrink #drinks #brandswelove #paintthetowncoral
User Image soberlycoach Posted: Mar 22, 2018 10:31 AM (UTC)

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CREATIVITY + too many glasses of h2o ✨
🌈When I've got my creative hat on I work best on the floor 😂. I'm creating something SUPER exciting and MASSIVE for Soberly that I just am having so much FUN with at the moment!!!🌠
🙋Also today for fun I:
✨ Had lunch at a new Japenese cafe
✨ Organised a photoshoot for my new website
✨ Got asked to record a podcast with a soul sister .
✨ Caught up with a friend/mentor who I just love spending time with .
Okay so my idea of fun has changed from when I was drinking, but so has my idea of purpose and fulfillment. I find it fun now finding ways to help others. It's all about #mindset
#transformation #21dayfunchallenge #soberfun #soberaf #addiction #vegan #chooseyourlife #recovery #soberup #water #alcoholfree #boozefree #soberissexy #soberisthenewblack #chooseyourlife #changeispossible #mindfulness #positivevibes #highvibes #workspace
User Image the.amber.nectar Posted: Mar 22, 2018 9:03 AM (UTC)

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Day 445. There was a time I’d have got excited about new shoes, now it’s new yoga toys. Man I’ve changed! Loving my new heavy duty, non toxic yoga mat by @kurmayoga...hoping this one lasts. Weighs in at a whopping 4kg so I won’t be lugging this one around with me to class! #kurmayoga #newyogamat #soberyogi #hangoverfree #nohangover #alcoholfree #lifestylechoice #soberfun #soberlife #soberlifestyle #sobermovement #cleanliving #oynb #oneyearnobeer
User Image changesrecovery Posted: Mar 22, 2018 4:36 AM (UTC)
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Intelligence and Willpower⠀
We are certain that our intelligence, backed by willpower, can rightly control our inner lives and guarantee us success in the world we live in. This brave philosophy, wherein each man plays God, sounds good in the speaking, but it still has to meet the acid test: how well does it actually work? One good look in the mirror ought to be answer enough for any alcoholic.
User Image dinahlee Posted: Mar 22, 2018 3:06 AM (UTC)

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"this life is a journey, when we stumble we keep coming, on the path forever learning, stay in the raaace..."
User Image Posted: Mar 22, 2018 2:27 AM (UTC)
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🕯These last couple of weeks have been… tough. A slew of bad news centred around loved ones with terminal illnesses.

😔 The lack of control leaves me with a feeling of powerless. I’m finding it extends into other areas of my life. It’s hard to stay optimistic and focus on working towards my goals. It takes a lot out of me and realising this has given me all the strength I need to get back on top of it.

☝🏽Spending energy and emotional energy is a lot like spending money. I’m frugal with it. I budget it the same way and only use it on the things that matter, or are important to me. I often have to justify to myself if I want to buy something that doesn’t fit the “absolute necessity” category. I do the same when it comes to my emotions.

🙏🏽 When I’m feeling down about something, asking myself if it’s in my control, or if it has happened yet helps me to justify if feeling down is a constructive use of my time. Often, it isn’t.

🌪 It’s naive to think that my negative emotions won’t affect other parts of my life. Like a disease, it seeks to infect. Feeling overwhelmed creates new problems. Problems that are usually in my control.

☂️ It’s harder for me to justify emotions that don’t serve me well. I’m not saying I shouldn’t feel them, but staying in a constant state of terrible thoughts was never going to bring any positivity to my life. It takes proactive action.

💯Life is about justifying your emotions and filtering out the ones that aren’t serving you well.

😈 I accept these things are out of my control. I’m not in a position to change the course of these terminal illnesses in dimming the lights of these beautiful souls. I will mourn them, but for now, I won’t let my grief get in the way of enjoying the time I have left with them. It’s too painful to live in that hurt.

🦄 Instead of being crushed by all of the terrible things that I’m facing. Keeping perspective is helping to liberate myself from these not-so-nice feelings, and get on with the things I can control ✊🏽

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