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Snapdragon flower - #mustknowmonday - Did you know that #snapdragons are edible? While typically used as a #garnish in culinary dishes, the #flower is edible, just not especially tasty, in fact, kind of bitter. Its genus name #Antirrhinum means “opposite or unlike the nose.” Since the nasal passages are closely linked to taste perception, it’s not too difficult to understand how descriptive this really is. One bite into a bitter #snapdragon will see to that!
Mood, starring the last of the cosmos.
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The lilac smells Devine 😍
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#lilac #tulips #ranunculus #snapdragons#flowerdropgympie
Good afternoon! It is another brand new day and week! R u as excited as I am?! I am making a mix and match bouquet with Roses and Banksia, that is Native Violet Bouquet.
Our very own WA native flowers, paired with the delightful violet blossoms and a elegant white roses combining into a stylish country chic bouquet. #snapdragons #banksia #chrysanthemum #roses 🌺
Despite their fierce-sounding name, these #snapdragons are soft and elegant! 😍😍💐

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