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I'm from Baltimore, been legally on my own since the age of 15. Was penniless many times over, eating hot dogs and pancakes for dinner. Searched my couch cushions and jackets for spare change to walk 1 mile to McDonald's for a dollar sandwich. In the brick snow. Even bust my ass on ice a few times. Hustler would try to buy me anything I wanted, including a car.. but I knew at 15/16, there was a price to pay for that. I've seen a lot. To go from a generally strong yet sheltered family dynamic to depending on myself in a city like Baltimore was tough. But I made it. Never went to college, but was making $50k a year by the age of 19. I chose to work my way up as a junior processor at 16 to a loan officer by 19. Even lied on my application (never told a soul this) when I applied to Nations Bank (now Bank of America) at the age of 18. I applied for one of the top positions available. A loan officer. I took the knowledge I learned when I first started in the mortgage business when I was in high school and learned everything else hands on when I was approved for the loan officer job at Nations Bank! I don't even know how I pulled that off to this day! 😅I guess gift of gab. Didn't go to school because I believed, unless you planned on becoming a doctor or lawyer, extended education only taught you how to become an excellent employee opposed to an employer. I took my risks. Planned on eventually opening my own brokerage by the age of 25. But I had other dreams. And ended up in magazines & tv. I've slept in mansions, car and jail cell. Humility has always been in me regardless. Now the "spiritual" part, at 38, I'm still working on. I've always had a relationship with God, but still sinned. I'll probably continue to sin. But there will be a lot of things I know I'm in control of that I plan to put to rest. This is my testimony. I look forward to my journey.🗺🛣 #God #testimony #emancipated #truth #Goodvibes #positivevibes #motivation #inspiration #snapchat #enlightenment #blessings #knowledge #struggle #love #tribe #journey #survivalofthefittest #streetsmart #spirituality #grateful #truth #Goodvibes #growth #God #savedalife #realestate #ambitious #love #mortgage
yanie.r 49s ago
Finally lè bf is bringing me out jalan2! Am already bored to death at home. And yea my hair color didn't turn out the way it's supposed to be. So it became rose gold and it'll soon fade to orange or gold. Mehhhhh.....😪😪😪 from brown to blonde and now to this, got to change color againnnnn...🤣🤣😪😪 #russiangirlwannabe #tapitakmenjadi #snapchat #withlove #sy💍👸🏻

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