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User Image 7elevenhi Posted: Oct 24, 2017 1:30 AM
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You don’t have to eat the whole package in one sitting 😋 Fold and save 4 l8r! Limited time @doritos #crunchnuts & #crunchmix 👌#mondaymunchies #7elevenhi #7forlife #packagingdesign 🛍
User Image samanthajinan Posted: Oct 24, 2017 2:45 AM
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A deep love for grocery shopping runs in our blood #smartgirl #snacksonsnacks
User Image freshthingsfirst Posted: Oct 24, 2017 1:28 AM
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Apple Nachos. Don’t even pretend that you’re not intrigued. 🍎🍏🍎
Our Chocolate Almond Butter is up on the blog. Better go sneak a peak to make sure you have all you need to make them tomorrow. Bonus points if you make some for a teacher and gift him/her a jar and an apple.
User Image abbeyskitchen Posted: Oct 24, 2017 12:05 AM
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If you haven't heard, Sweet Potato Toast is all the rage in the foodie bubble! People are even saying that it could be the new Avocado Toast. I'm personally obsessed with this easy to make morning dish, and to show it I made three versions that will satisfy anyone's tastebuds. This Black Pepper Fig Marmalade is one version, and is a perfect combination of savoury and sweet flavours! ⠀

Check Out the Other Two Recipes Here: [LINK IN PROFILE] ⠀

What would you top your sweet potato toast with? Let me know by commenting below! ⠀
User Image heidifegles Posted: Oct 23, 2017 11:06 PM
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User Image munchpak Posted: Oct 23, 2017 9:53 PM
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How to beat the Monday blues: treat yourself to the snack break you really deserve 😛
User Image urthmarket Posted: Oct 23, 2017 9:51 PM
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Our #squad always has our back 😌 Take on this #Monday with a little help from our friends at @rebel_kitchen ❤️ #UrthApproved #goals
User Image urthbox Posted: Oct 23, 2017 9:49 PM
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urthbox 12h ago
Celebrate #Monday the gimMe way! S/O to @gimmegrams for these #seaweed snacks! They grow & harvest their seaweed from the chilly waters of the Yellow Sea in Korea then roast it to perfection using only #organic and #nongmo ingredients! 🔥 #UrthApproved #yum #gimMeSnacks
User Image elee818 Posted: Oct 23, 2017 9:26 PM
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elee818 12h ago
The beauty of my husband working in sand all day, I can blame the crumbs in bed on him tracking sand in...until he turns the light on and sees the fake cheese dust & cookie chunks 🍪👍🏼#snacksonsnacks #passmethedoritos #noshameinmysnackgame
Portion sizes!! This is why it’s crucial to be aware and understand portion sizes. Our program teaches just that-and SO MUCH more! Tricky little packaging-they’ll get ya if you’re not smart about it! This is the SAME product, different serving sizes; 1.85 oz bag sold individually or 1oz bags sold together. The bag sizes-almost identical. Tricks you into thinking the individually sold bag is the “same” nutritional value as the smaller bags sold together—they are good for me, I can have these!?! Don’t fall into the trap! It’s actually almost double the sugars and fat content! The smaller bags-ONE of them is a fantastic snack choice. Learn how to control hunger,cravings and get off the sugar addiction cycle for good! Website Link in bio! #twincitiesweightloss #fatloss #twincities #loseweightkeepitoff #loseweight #realresultsforrealpeople #metabolismbooster #minneapolis #healthylifestyle #healtysnack #snacksonsnacks
User Image sonomacreamery Posted: Oct 23, 2017 4:14 PM
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Mr. Cheese O's aren't just for topping - we've been known to eat them on their own. Anyone else with us?

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