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Imagine this. You're at the supermarket and you open a #camera app on your #phone (smartAR) and you see pop ups telling you about #retailer clearance items, #restaurants discounts, #hairstylist and #barbershop sales or blue light specials at the #shopping mall SmartAR is #augmentedreality combined with ads, mapping, business directory, commercials and much more! It works all over the USA, Canada and abroad. Coming real soon! #smartar #follow4follow
I have a barrelstrike that broke and now using it for science to see how to better mod one for my future purpose.[W.I.P] I cut off the barrels to see the inside where the welds are. I believe boiling it can give it better release to remove dart posts and keep smart AR system in tact similar to the Triad. Then add 4 small pieces of brass on the inside to improve dart fit only because I experienced some darts flying out a bit from other spots. And a small test shows a length of K26 can fit but this one is longer than stock spring so I have to cut it down to see if it can in fact catch. If not then a 10 KG Retaliator spring will do. So far work in progress and will buy myself one to see if I can slowly get top part off so I can improve safely and have this work just a bit better. If all works out I'll make a thread on how I did it in the future with an accompanying Youtube video for now......Just Science so far!
#nerfmodulus #nerfmods #nerf #hasbro #nerfornothing #barrelstrike #forscience #wip #blackNerfModders #plastic #k26 #modifications #smartAR
We're changing the way #retail #shoppers shop or #foodie select #restaurant visits anywhere in the #world #smartar #app coming soon.
El #mierdijuego barato del día. Liquidación a 9€ en #carrefour y mi primer juego de esta serie creada por programadores españoles. #pickoftheday📷 #invizimals #novorama
Commission: crossfire bow. This commission was a little different from my usual job. The commissioner wanted no detail, no name, no sanded logos, it was a little strange for me. What I ended up doing was adding a second spring, that I found laying around, to the plunger, reinforcing the connection between the priming bar and the plunger rod with a long mechanical screw, and removing the strings from the arms and priming bar. The paint is a black base coat with blue secondary with an acrylic clear coat to protect the paint. On the bow arms, the paint did not adhere to the plastic and gave the blaster that corrupted, infested look the commissioner requested. All in all, it was a fun build and it produced a hard hitting blaster.