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Excuse the facial expressions/cringe post 😷😷 stoked to get 70kg & 80kg deadlift on week 2 of programming with @aradiayali @ 52kg bodyweight💪🏼 Feeling more motivated than ever!! Hit this gorgeous gal up if you want to push yourself to reach your strength/#bikinibod goalz. #shamelessplug@anytimefitnessspringwood
My mom and stepdad got married 9 years ago.
I was 13.
Today whilst unpacking my stuff I discovered that I still, quite easily, fit into the dress I wore to their wedding.
Why have I never grown?! #smallpplproblems
waiting on Marco and me and mommy's can't touch the floor #smallpplproblems 😂😂
The mobility gains tho 🤔😳 !! I suppose my giraffe limbs are good for something lololol.
Seriously though I'm all about recovery especially when it comes to mobility, soft tissue work, stretching etc.. I always make time for it! Not the most exciting, but it's so beneficial 👌🏻 #MobilityGains #Flexibility #ImAFreak #GumbyLimbs