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Out in the garden, amongst the Night Blooming Jasmine, Stephanie digs, turning up her fathers past and burying her own. In the aftermath of her mothers death, Stephanie discovers what awaits her after her own time is up. @kaaron_warren has crafted a rich and detailed character in Stephanie, or Stevie, the protagonist of her novel, Slights, who is both entirely unlikeable but entrancing at the same time. It's a deep horror that Kaaron has created, one that will make you hyper aware of your interactions with those around you, and a novel I can't recommend enough.#minimonotonebookclub #kaaronwarren #slights #nightbloomingjasmine #cestrumnocturnum #houlart #houl
Here's my SECOND FAVORITE CARD TRICK! Hope you guys love it as much as I do! Don't forget to follow @josuscards if you haven't already! Comment your thoughts and reactions! #nocameratricks #IGmagic #magic #colorchangingdeck #mindblown #getrekt
#slights #skechers it makes him happy i have 4 kids ans they are growing i aint gonna spend 60 dollars on shoes now and another 60 in 3 mos... I say let kids be kids because as they grow than it's do this do that.... Eff that ... He loves them