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First time bs 180 the pyza for the local skate park hero @joshprodie, get some sketchy bonus tricks after it. #skateparkhero #localsonly #likestoburnjoelallthetime #pressure50guy
Had to fan boy on @nickmullinss after he hit the extension on the 6 foot mini. This is crazier than it looks! #modernskate #skateparkhero
@thescottymezcal ...describing the time he delivered a baby at the skatepark - *still taken from video* #skateparkhero
@slew_den is the fucking major of Hereford Skatepark!
Awesome part filmed by @hr6moel
I forgot Creepy Den was this good!
Link in bio 👀🔥
hgb__ 2y ago
Stick the kettle on, because @conorbedford_ is brewing some 🔥for the northeast streets. Heres a sample of his skatepark tomfoolery #skateparkhero #gettothestreetsboy #bmx
@weeniekill27 'z Birthday was yesterday and I was lucky enough to be in town and scuz PO with him for a minute! So go wish him a late birthday if you haven't already cause I love this fucking guy ;) #happythanksday #gaytona