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The big guy, or a share for two. The Skate House Salad. Grilled chicken, Roma tomatoes, jalapeños, brown onions, cottage cheese, green leaf lettuce. Healthy Super Salad 🍻🍲🏂🤘
Carne Asadas W/ steak, grilled onions, jalapeños/Serrano peppers, Cilantro, @texaspetesauces Bacon Ranch Dressing, and Mixed white cheese's. Skate Food Shop Page
Many Restaurants, many Skateboard Shop's
But my shop is for You! Us Skateboaders deserve only the best, as no other Adventure gets so much negative response from the outside. We are just a thin line in the Universe. December 2018 1st shop opens in the USA followed by the second Shop in 2019 China. Skateboarding is one big family, we are what others only wish they could be. I respect and admire all of you skateboarding on and off Instagram 🤘🏂👊 🙏
Nos encantan las fotos de vuestras visitas 😍 muchas gracias por etiquetarnos @s3rginhoit menudo fotón!!! OS RECORDAMOS QUE HOY ABRIMOS DE 12:00 A 16:30 Y DE 20:00 A 23:00 #oldschoolbar #oldschoolskaterock #oldschoolburgerbar #skatebar #burgerbar #burger #burgermadrid #burgerbarmadrid #madrid #chamberi #skatefood
Skate Taco's 🌮🍻🏂 Nacho Cheese shells, Roma tomatoes, ground Chuck, onions minced, shredded cheddar, Cilantro stems minced, jalapeños, and @texaspetesauces July 2018 you the Skateboarder will help choose the Menu.
Looks like small pizzas are the orders of the day...👌🏼 plain, bacon & a gluten FREE with peppers n onions😜 #glutenfree #pizza #jerseyshorepizza #donspizza #surffood #skatefood #glutenfreepizza #belmarlocal #pizzalegend
What does myself and @buckylasek have in common? ( always cool reading and learning new things ) Skateboarding and 5 days apart. ( I gave it up, he is a skilled Pro!
Next year Homie, when my shop opens for business. You will be most definitely invited! 🤘🏂🎂( @huabing_shipin Skate Shop 12/2018 )
Not to mention that you are one of my favorite Skateboarders Hands Down! Shred on Bro! 🇺🇸✔
Hi I worked at so many different types of restaurants. The classy joints always made everything from scratch ( like my mom growing up ) other's used large drums of Mayo with hidden valley powder packets to make Ranch Dressing. My main focus in the shop will be Skateboarding products, with quality food served too you. Now granted I can create my own but Why? House Salad Green leaf or Iceberg w/ Roma tomatoes, Cilantro, jalapeños, shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese, onions minced, ( grilled chicken optional ) and topped off with either Hidden Valley Bacon Ranch, or Kraft Cool Ranch Dressing. Both of my favorites.
Warm, Enjoyable Eats! Energy to get you through the Hot Summer and Freezing Winter Day's. Fried Chili Wrap's. Homemade Chilli, shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese, @texaspetesauces ( w/ Jalapeños or Not ) 🏂🇺🇸🇨🇳🤘🌯 #huabingshipin @huabing_shipin
On the Go Eats 🌯🍻🏂🔥🤘✔
Flour tortillas, canola oil, turkey slices, shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese, and @texaspetesauces all wrapped up, and fried to perfection. Our menu has changed, as we plan to serve Q. Quality Skateboards , Q. Quick service, A. Awesome experience G. Great food and S. Skaters who understand you the Skateboarder! Q.Q.A.G.S. We will always stand by our code of conduct @huabing_shipin #huabingshipin Skate Food Supply. Where a Skateboarder will always feel like home.
Plans are in motion. Security Guard will also be a Skateboarder. This page is just a glimpse of what will be in the shop. Live Life too the Fullest 🤘
Skate and Grind
Skate Food Shop
Grinding Through China
December 2018 in
America and China 🇺🇸🔥🇨🇳➡🏂
Do you Skateboard? Or just a fan of the Adventure. Follow my Skateboarding page @ch1naskateboarding 🤘🍻🌯✔🌮👍🏂 Tomato Soup: Ready for those long Winter weather Day's? Hot Soup with chunks of fresh Roma Tomatoes, Cilantro, Jalapeños, served with Saltine Cracker's.
Where we will serve you the best food, and Awesome Skateboard's with Exceptional Service. December 2018 is around the corner.
Flour Tortillas with Hot Dog's and Jalapeños fried. Dipped into Cilantro, Ketchup, and @texaspetesauces 🌯 🏂🤘🍻

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