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Look who is in my hands there? I was catching this girl @yellasaiakshitha ! Those days were the days when she used to pinch me like hell... and I used to cry near my mom! Her goonda’ism’ started from her 10th day onwards. And I wonder how much it has increased now! 😅 but I never slept without her after she was born! There were days when I used to keep her clothes beside me in her memories while she went to Nellore with grand parents. That was the unspeakable love I had on her. I do not express much but I do love u Akshitha. U need to recognize that since I am not as expressive as u r.
#sisterlocks #sisterlylove #grandpa #hyderabad
even tho she makes me look pale i love her most of the time. #sisterlylove
This might just be my favourite pic (so far) of these two. Those faces. #sisterlylove 💕
I'm so beyond happy and excited to get to go to a show with my sister's @kris_comer_photography @kikidee101 to see @saveferrisofficialband we have loved her music since the 90s. Look how amazing my sister is to do this for me❣❣❣ #sisterlylove #love #fansforlife #saveferris #superspy #makingmemories #bestfriends

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