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User Image Posted: Feb 21, 2018 7:38 PM (UTC)

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Hey y’all, so I know you see me post all the time about make up products or about clean living products and you see a gazillion selfies with the makeup. You see me talk about what’s my favorite, what I want to try, why I think you should try it or get it and why I’m SO obsessed with it!

Many think it’s just for fun or for practice. Some maybe just think I’m really into myself or just trying to get you to buy from me. But here’s deal. I’m not just playing makeup, or all into myself. I’m really not just trying to make a sale and get you to buy the lipstick! I am actually advocating for Safer Beauty, for Safer Personal Products for all of us.

My actual beauty business is more than just makeup and shampoo…it’s a mission based company that wants to be on the map for actually changing the industry and I get to proudly be a part of that. I believe with all of my heart that we should never have to sacrifice our health in the name of beauty.

This my friends, is my job. I get to make a social impact in my community while I am building a business to contribute to my family and to help empower others I work with do the same. I get to make a difference while doing it with something I love!

We need more voices, voices like yours that will speak up and say WE matter, OUR HEALTH matters, OUR CHILDREN matter because we deserve safer better personal products. We should never have to worry about our health to wear makeup, or wash our hair or bathe our children.

So when you see me putting on my makeup, posting pictures about it, know that its so much more that just a sale or that I like playing dress up…it’s that I want the best for all of us so we don’t have to sacrifice or risk our health for the sake of beauty.

It’s a movement to better our lives and it’s a job all at the same time! It’s an amazing feeling to be apart of such a powerful and very needed mission. I invite you to join me in it if this sounds like something you want to be apart of. There are several different ways to help…so if you are interested let’s chat…I’d love to share this with you!
User Image hannahmhat Posted: Feb 21, 2018 4:14 PM (UTC)

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Happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, talented and supportive sissy poo la la! Cheers to 24 years!!

#birthday #happybirthday #happybirthdaysister #sissypoolala #sister #sisterfriend #celebrate #love #throwback #photooftheday #cheers #cheersto24 #24
Happy Birthday, Kristyn! You may be younger than me (slightly) but I so admire you & all you have accomplished. You’re a steadfast friend & I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Let’s have lots more adventures & go skydiving when we’re 80. Love you, twin! 🦄🎉🎈#happybirthday #justasquarestory #wolfpack
User Image shelly_p_simon Posted: Feb 21, 2018 2:55 PM (UTC)
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Tourist mode complete. Now for some quality bonding time with my BFF @dancer2doc. #friendsforever #sisterfriend #blessed
User Image _britt_ryan_ Posted: Feb 21, 2018 1:12 PM (UTC)

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Happy Birthday to this beautiful kindred spirit of mine. She grounds me, brings out my thoughtful side, and makes me pee my pants with laughter. Love you @rebala7
#friends #kindredspirits #sisterfriend #family
User Image toria_x Posted: Feb 21, 2018 9:41 AM (UTC)

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User Image siddinpretty Posted: Feb 21, 2018 12:09 AM (UTC)

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Happy birthday to my best friend @ms___stapleton ! I honestly don’t know what I would do without her! I’m so lucky to call you my friend (more like my sister). Thanks for always being there for me with a listening ear and to check tf out me when I need it 😩 #TwentyFine 💅🏾 #HappyBirthdayBF #Unbreakablebond #sisterfriend
"Anna's Hope" 💙 Out & about in our community. This beautiful #sisterfriend is learning to recognize herself 🌷 #beautyiswhereyoufindit #compassion @theskingames
User Image breakfastwithtiffany11 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 11:43 PM (UTC)

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I am smiling! My sisterfriend @savvyvaqt did something that she has been doing for years and years . She sent me a beautiful card and several gifts. I normally argue with her and make a big scene but this time i decided to by humble and quiet, say thank you and appreciate the fact that she could be so thoughtful, kind and giving even when my mouth is always running and fussing. I love 💓 her and we have been friends since we were 17yrs young. And we have been blessed to not only STAY friends but become family.
Through all the laughter, tears, pain, heartache, ups and downs we have been there for each other I will never forget when i buried my father 😢and she and @ebonybmore stayed with me at the gravesite for hours in the rain and let me grieve my way and i never attended the repast and they never complained.
I will always remember when i missed her calls because i was sleeping, and called her back to hear that her fiance had suddenly passed 😢. I showed up at the funeral and she was trying to hold it together, as always, but she was in so much pain. I didn't want to leave my friend so we sat in the car and talked and cried.
She is always the strong one and i am always the emotional one.💪🏼😭 I remember when her family helped me save my father's house. 🙏🏾 There are so many things that we have been through that i will forever remember and will always be grateful that God sent you to be a part of my life.
Now i am typing though tears and this was supposed to be a happy moment. Darn it!!!
#friendstofamily #blacklove #GMU #littleblackgirls #myfriend #sisterfriend #4ever #lovedogs
User Image jme_lea87 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 11:04 PM (UTC)

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I never thought I'd get to a place where I enjoy hitting the gym. With a little kick in the pants from my #sisterfriend @corigibson2 , and some excellent workouts from @mrrayfit , I've been hitting the gym 4-5 days a week and loving it! Seriously, I miss it when I don't go. If I can do it, you can do it. #sweatselfie #aaptiv #gymhairdontcare
User Image ashuhlee28 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 7:57 PM (UTC)

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Happy 12th birthday to my twin! Love you Madison 💙💙💙 #sisterfriend #twins
User Image lindseyameliaa Posted: Feb 20, 2018 5:42 PM (UTC)

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Happy Birthday, Jen!! It’s been fun doing life with you! I can’t wait to see what your next crazy adventure is!! Here’s to many more years of living, loving and laughing💜 #happybirthday #hbd #sisterfriend
User Image Posted: Feb 20, 2018 5:25 PM (UTC)

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Oh my goodness...I’m so excited...who doesn’t love a red lip??? But with this new shade it's personal and WE can all help with this “Better Beauty” movement!! ❤️
So proud to introduce a bold new lipstick that embodies our mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. .
Perfect for all skin tones, this safer formula delivers vibrant red color and a satin finish with a touch of fresh peppermint flavor.
This March, we’re going to Washington, D.C. to urge Congress to pass more health protective laws for the personal care industry.
Did you know?
Ingredients used in personal care products aren’t required to be tested for safety on human health. We’re working to change that.
When formulating our products, we prohibit the use of over 1,500 harmful or questionable ingredients.
Show your support:
Text “BetterBeauty” to 52886 to ask Congress to act.
Wear the lipstick and tag a photo on Instagram with #ThisTimeItsPersonal.
Help spread the word of our movement by sharing with a friend. For a limited time, buy 2 and save $10.
What are you waiting for?? Grab your new lipstick and join the movement from the Better Beauty Link in my bio because you and your family are worth it!! 💋💄⤴️
Read more of "I NEED YOU" under "Letters To Mothers" today!!
-created by @k_4_kreative
This is a safe space for women to communicate openly about their stories and experiences in order to cultivate strong bonds, promote healing and increase self love!
#allaboutthesisterhood #sisterhood #sister #sisterfriend #women #woman #Queen #queendom #ladies #unity #community #love #blog #blackgirlmagic #k4kreative

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