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Brought my Dad in for his MRI...while I waited I decided to get a coffee...I'm tired and am not passing up a pumpkin latte...I sat down to eat a muffin and took this picture to send to my Mama...can't begin to tell you how much it warmed my heart to read the little bag the muffin came in!! Such an amazing way to spread the word of our loving Savior!! Because WE ARE LOVED!!!! Our Heavenly Father LOVES US no matter what!!! How blessed we truly are!! Thank you Lasaters for such a heart warming and humbling reminder!!
❤️ John 3:16
Hellllllloooooo Friday!!!! What do you all have going on this weekend?? We have lots of fun, haunted hayrides and family time!! Super excited!! 🎃🎃
Sharing moments.
Nothing beats a good talk sprinkled with some sister time.
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Happy Birthday to these Two Beautiful Queens! I promise I love my friends!! #love #sisterfriend #birthdaygirls #queens #thankful #friendsforlife @starmalissa @tyragalloway09 🎂🎂❤️❤️🎂🎂😍😍🎉🎉 #tworealones #samebirthday
About Wednesday
Special shout out to my sister friend, workout AND accountability partner @adfromatl. Thank you sis.😘 When you're finally not fasting...Enjoyed my bday dinner at one of my FAVORITE restaurants. I have been going to Houston's for YEARS and when I tell you I ALWAYS order THIS. I haven't tried anything else on their menu. Tell somebody, it's TIME for a CHANGE😂
#HoustonsRestaurant #HawaiianSteak #CheatMeal #BirthdayCelebration #SisterFriend #ShesGettingFit #GoodFood #GoodCompany #Motivation #Winning #Fitness #Healthy
Puppy, today is YOUR BIG day and there is NO ONE more deserving of this honor than you! My stomach literally hurts that I can't be there seeing your name go up on that @uclaathletics #HOF wall
My life is definitely better because of you! I mean how often do you get to call your coach, biggest motivator one of your best friends?!? 💙🐻💛
Nobody has a bigger heart than you, and no one enjoys life more than you! Your simple, kind, giving heart is so contagious and so glad a bunch of people get to celebrate YOU today! I'll be celebrating in Japan listening to MJB & Janet in honor of you. Congratulations!!
Love you Puppy! @gpuppy
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Happy 20th to the cooliest, spunkiest, totally-like-your-brother, super down to earth but one of the most intelligent young ladies that I know. It’s been an amazing ride growing close to you and your family and I’m thankful for finally having the opportunity to have the sister friend I always begged my mom for. I hope today is magical & wonderful & full of everything you want. Can’t wait to see ya when you come home! Love ya 💖✨
Read more of "I NEED YOU" under "Letters To Mothers" today!!
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This is a safe space for women to communicate openly about their stories and experiences in order to cultivate strong bonds, promote healing and increase self love!
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Primeira mensagem do dia, com esse Te Amo sincero, não tem preço.

#sisterfriend #teamo #loucassim
Birthday weekend for this sister friend ❤ So jealous that u still get to be 29 😂😂 Ons celebrate month end! Geniet jou naweek saam die family! #birthdayweekend #sisterfriend #dirtythirty #family #friend #sister #soulconnection #celebrate #love @marelize.esterhuizen
Today my sister and best childhood friend got hitched! I love you Misty! I'm so proud of you and I approve! It was so good to see my other mamma! Now I'm worn out lol
#wedding #photographer #bff #sisterfriend #childhood #love #bestfriend
Thank you so much my darling sister-friend! @iamadejoju Thanks a lot for the conversation earlier today, it's always such pleasure to gist with you! Somehow, the past few years, we've managed to have such conversation on my birthday.... I don't even know how it happens... Let me seize this opportunity to say thank you for always standing by me... I def rem how you always ensure u drive down to my office on my birthdays, just to be there for me!
Even when we aren't in the same geographically location...u r on the phone almost thru the day... me babe, I really do appreciate you.. I know I so can get on your nerves and we sure have our differences but u my dear friend have got a special place in my heart. Thank sis, me love you long time😘😘😘
Repost from @iamadejoju using @RepostRegramApp - HBD to this very fine naughty girl!😘😘 @tobbielas may you continue to grow in CONFIDENCE, live with PURPOSE and walk in BOLDNESS. Remember to read ya book over there o! Don't waste 'our' money o! 😂😂😀😀hugs and kisses! 😘😘
#Birthdaygirl #Sisterfriend
#Tobiturkey #Principaloflife! 😂😂😂
Tu é a bicha mais chata que eu conheço, porém não me imagino dividindo o quarto com mais ninguém... obrigada por muitas vezes fazer o papel de irmã mais velha e ficar a noite cuidando de mim 💛

Te amo 💛🌼 #sister #sisterfriend #sisterfun #ilovemysister
I have a sister that literally goes with all my crazy shenanigans.. I love you always woman @rosie2713 #sisterfriend #talkingaboutBabyM

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