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Awww soo sweetttt of you laa yayanggg... Always be the one who make me laugh when someone trying to make your beloved sister sad.. 😘😘😘 #videoedits
#sistaa #stillkids
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Sometimes u have to forget what u want and sometimes u have to forget what u feel.. And remember! YOU..MY LOVE AND ONLY LOVELY SISTER DESERVE WAY BETTER!! And remember..that u have ME 💖
I don't know how to say i love you.. I'm not good at words..but i do really care about u and its hurt when i saw u crying...@atkhizm_
Oullalalah ca fais grave longtemps HAPPY BIRHTDAY😍😍😍 "knuffelbeer" #bff #twins #sistaa
The more i think the more confused i get 😐
The memories? Countless The friendship? Endless ♡🌹✨ #sistaa