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varu76 35w ago
Chong :Hey cassette man... K2S0 : K2.

Chong : yeah cassette dude , I don't know any Cassian dude.. Man , he's cheech .... Cheech: hey man ... I'm freaking out man, that purple stuff you made me smoke it's making that parking meter talk man , no man, not cool man no man....I'm going paranoid man .... hey man!!!! Chong : mellow out dude .... mellow out
K2S0 : I have a bad feeling about this
varu76 50w ago
"A long time ago , in a Halloween far far away ... 🎃" #tcb_docstrangeknows ( an homage to the awesome @nothinghappenedtoday )
varu76 69w ago
That's ok wookie, sir , Mr. Chewie , you can keep my kid skateboard , he doesn't know yet that the Wookie always wins . #tcb_dadsdaybuddies
varu76 71w ago
Well he sure didn't miss that pebble rock while trying to do a Ollie #tcb_rip_ali
varu76 71w ago
Yes , I am Well aware those are the droids we are looking for... But have you seen the size of that Ewok?!?! .... , nope not gonna happen #tcb_themadscientist
varu76 82w ago
Stop them before they reach the peanut butter !!! #tcb_BVSWEEK
varu76 88w ago
Hey man.... War is over , and i no longer work for the empire , I just use my armor for safety since i can't afford to get FOX gear for riding my bicycle. #tcb_gorgeousbaloonz
varu76 92w ago
i'll be right back B , gonna go see solo bout a debt he owes Jabba #tcb_BraveSeaWarriorUsopp