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User Image dolliefolies Posted: Feb 22, 2018 1:01 PM (UTC)

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Love this girl !!! Check her out .
Wearing dollie's little folies
#Repost @daniella_dville (@get_repost)
One year god today I set my 7th Guinness World Record, I guess that means it’s time to start thinking about what I should do for my 8th record.... #circus #sideshow #cabaret #freakshow #fakir #burlesque #worldrecord #guinnessworldrecord #danielladville #daredevil #danger #entertainment #weird #twistedcircus #circusfreak #circusbabe #vintagecircus #nofear #photooftheday #showgirl
#burmesepython #proud #snake #achieve
User Image remember_the_clone_troopers Posted: Feb 22, 2018 12:36 PM (UTC)

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Everything was quite now..... It was nightfall as I held my fallen brother in my arms. I could only hear the burning flames beside me. My thoughts went through a flash back of only a few minutes ago.... still dwelling on my decisions to take those artillery positions as ordered! My brother and I gave those clankers hell as we fired each round with precision sending those clankers flying in all directions. Each recoil I felt from the weapon as I shot made me more vengeful! I screamed out in a battle cry as I was finally letting all the pain come out all at once. Each blast sent a wave of memories of my brothers! I couldn't pull the trigger fast enough! The barrel of the weapon was now turning bright red as I looked. As the fit of rage started to past I looked at my brother as he was on another artillery cannon. I saw in horror as he couldn't see the enemy in his blind spot. I jumped off the weapon and ran trying to get his attention! I COULDN'T REACH HIM ON THE COMM! As I ran I blasted several droids trying to reach him, I just might have a chance!!!! Taking out each clanker I got closer!!! He could almost see me trying to get his attention! A snap of bright light flashed right in front me. I turned around to see another Roger and blasted him too! His aim was off just by a little bit almost shooting me in the head. As I looked back the artillery gun was silent.... my brother slumped over. I screamed out NOOOOO as I ran to him. I grabbed him out of the seat to see if there was still a chance at saving him! The round had passed right between the armor killing him instantly. I let out an exhale grieving for my brother only for a passing minute. Maybe I was a Ghost at this point. Cursed I thought. As my comm channel screeched in static I heared Commander Wolffe say to evacuate the city and to fall back. The sound of marching battle droids grew closer as I used my jet pack to get to a high elevation point and waved for a gunship. I could only look back and see most of the city in flames. A shower of light came across me as the gunship saw my position. As the doors opened it was Commander Wolffe himself with his hand extended saying "Lets Move It Trooper!"
User Image robertobagg10collection Posted: Feb 22, 2018 12:33 PM (UTC)

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Please swipe left for more pics...Quite simply one of the finest custom pieces that I have ever seen and undoubtedly one of the top pieces that I was fortunate to acquire last year 😍 Here is another EXCLUSIVE WIP teaser pic of my custom 1/4 scale Beast from the X-Men, which the final reveal is coming very soon 😀👍🏻 This piece means quite a bit to me so getting paint apps nailed was vital! Digitally sculpted by Mr Sheridan Doose as part of a private commission, this incredible piece is packed with detail beyond any imagination! #marvel #marvelmovies #marvelcomics #marvelstatues #marvelcollection #marvelcollector #marveluniverse #followme #goals #statuecollectors #statuecollection #xmenapocalypse #xmen #photooftheday #sideshowcollectibles #magneto #wolverine #cosplay #avengers #ironman #hulk #robertobagg10collection #toyphotography #toycollector #toycollection #sideshow #weaponx #sculpture
User Image professor_spidey Posted: Feb 22, 2018 12:17 PM (UTC)
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I’ve been eying this for a while. I finally got it for a good price. Where do I put it? @sideshowcollectibles #premiumformat

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