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Before and after lunch edition... It never ceases to amaze me some days how much I can actually eat. Some days I feel like my pouch is so stretched that I think I'm going to gain all the weight I lost back. But then there are meals like lunch today when the restriction is all too real. I did have some chips & salsa before they brought the food out but I'm not too concerned with meeting my protein goal today. I already hit 76g before we even left the house.
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a.i.58 6M ago
Shrimp enchiladas. かなり久しぶりにアメリカ❤行きたいレストランが決めれません。
#shrimpenchilada #レストランいっぱい #住んじゃいたい
Sometimes, you can be crabby on Friday. Kick off your weekend with Shrimp and Crab Enchiladas for lunch!

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