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It's a pretty dang beautiful spring day here in SWMO 🌤🌤🌤
"Never be afraid to sit awhile and think."
I managed to visit one of my thinking spots a few days ago while we were home in Missouri. There's something about watching (and hearing) the water tumble over the shallow shoals of chert at Redings Mill that quenches something real. #missouri #showmejoplin #joplinmo
Capping the night (and the visit) off with drinks at the bar under the best sign in town. #neon #joplinmo #showmejoplin #untilnexttime
Out of 40+ concepts that I developed for the #JoplinFlag, these are the ones I submitted.

Clockwise from top left:

This design combines the traditional quarterly composition, and the 4-State area borders. The large white circle shows Joplin’s growing influence in the region. The abstracted star shape is composed of 5 bars in the shape of mined zinc which appears on the official seal of Joplin. The bars represent our cultural growth and what Joplin currently has to offer: the arts, education, faith, industry, and sports. The points radiate out from a central point to symbolize our past and an optimistic future.
The red field/blue dot flag also uses the abstracted star shape. The red field represents our strength, the blue center our resilience. The white stroke around the circle is filled with 161 stars to pay tribute to the tornado victims, and the white circle represents the unity we displayed during the aftermath of the storm.

The dogwood flag design is based on our state flower (not to be confused with the bradford pear, which has 5 petals and smells bad). The flower is prominently located in on a plain, showing Joplin as the highlight of the 4-State area. The center of the flower is composed of 161 red circles, paying tribute to storm victims.

The iris flag uses the official flower of Joplin. The blue field symbolizes strength and security, and the yellow represents optimism. The blooming flower shows that the city has a rich history, but the new bloom represents the new growth for the future. The angle of the plant represents a combination of resilience, growth, and progress.
There's 10 days left to enter designs for the #JoplinFlag project. Here are some of my best ideas so far. Which one do you like best?
Our local school board does not want to pay for graphic design services. Design is an essential profession to modern society and deserves competitive compensation.

DOWN, NOT OUT (last Joplin post). In the coming months after the tornado we returned, not just to volunteer, but sometimes just visiting friends and loved ones. It's been remarkable to see how quickly much of the city has rebuilt. It certainly hasn't been perfect, and there are still some areas and lots that sit empty. They're a sad reminder of the tornado that cut a huge path right through the heart of the city. But, overall Joplin has rebuilt and continues to move forward from the single deadliest tornado in the United States since 1950. #drewsarchives #joplin #missouri #joplinmo #showmejoplin
Our car filled up with water and supplies, we arrived at dawn, the morning after the tornado devastated Joplin. First order of business was to meet up with a friend of ours and go volunteer with AmeriCorps. There are scenes from that day I will never forget. The hospital that took a direct hit (seen above). The light rain that fell all day long. The conversation I had with some officers from Kansas City (far from their normal beat). The tearful, brief visit with a former co-worker who lost everything - but he and his family were unharmed and that was about all that mattered anymore. The way nothing looked the same, and the fact that it was hard to tell where you were because street signs were gone. I gained a different perspective on life 5 years ago in Joplin. One that has stuck with me ever since. #drewsarchives #showmejoplin #joplinmo #missouri #joplin

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