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For the love of your Bike you need to own this.
“The Bolt”
It a smart phone charger with really cool abilities.
Let’s see what we get in the package:
1. A detachable phone charger that can be mounted on any bike with output of 5V,2.5A
2. All weather resistant, like they call it.
3. Comes with 1 year free replacement warranty.
4. A transparent cover that you can put your phone inside and ride without any fear of water or any kind of weather.
5. An access to the bolt app which works as a offline tracker and keeps records of your driving like ride time, pit stops etc
To know more, head to
Go ahead and buy this amazing bundle for just ₹1950 with our preffered seller- The bolt club in Amazon India

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Happy Hippie Hesher Gay Femme Day. 🤘🏻🕷🥀💄Age 13, one sweltering summer in Sacramento, 105 🔥with no AC; I compulsively shoplifted varying shades of light grey, charcoal, and black RIT dye, tossed all my thrift store garments in a bubbling vat, stirring it with a chopstick. Had to drastically bleach the laundry sink before my mom's purple snakeskin heels clacked through the front door. 👠The next iteration was Goth Gay Skipper, Raver Femme, and full circle back to Hippie Hesher. #hesherfemme #gothtiedye #shoplifter #centralvalley
djmog1 3d ago
When your local #Asda has a shoplifting problem that's so bad they have to security tag the stools you sit on to try on shoes.! #LoL #shoplifting #shoplifter #stickitupyourjumper #shoplocal
Need a Camera for your actions.
We found an alternative to GoPro and you can get the best deal for your bucks.
We present to you SJCAM SJ4000 Wifi Action Camera

Here is what it has to offer:
1. It has a 12 mega pixel camera & Suppots 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 30fps
2. Has modes like Burst mode, Time lapse Video, dashcam etc
3. Has a 1.5 inch screen which means you don’t have to take out your phone to check the video angles via SJCAM app.
4. Shoots over 170 wide angle and has 4X zoom
5. Full charge lasts good 90 min
6. Has Wifi, mic, micro SD card slot (32GB max), micro USB, micro HDMI
7. Comes with all the necessary accessories like waterproof cover, mounts of all kinds etc

Trust us, it’s a great package for your money and this camera will definitely shock you with it’s capabilities. If you are planning to buy your first action camera, look no more,this is it. Can’t find a better camera of this durability and price.
You can buy this from Amazon India
Click the link to go to the product -

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Caring is sharing guys
That’s why today’s product is all about making your friends or loved one feel special

HP has brought a new product- Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. It is a Bluetooth printer for your Android and IOS devices. It is amazingly light weight and portable.
So here is how this thing works-
1. It works on inkless technology and work on Zinc paper of size 2X3” with sticky back, so you can easily stick the picture anywhere.
2. It is available in 3 colors and has an inbuilt battery for charging.
3. It can be connected to your smart phone through Bluetooth and let’s you print pictures from your social media also
4. The pack of Zinc paper costs ₹500 for 20 films

So if you are old school and still like sharing a hard copy of your memories, guys this is it, your dream printer is here which let’s you use the power of your smartphone camera and ease of printing anywhere you want.
Go ahead and buy this from Amazon India

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It’s our first post so we had to bring something cool for nerds.. Wooden Spectacle Stand by PURPLEDIP.. this is quirky yet made of really amazing quality. You can find this on Amazon India.
Bring some swag on your work table or home table. This definitely is one thing that will stand out.‭ #india #shopping #amazonindia #amazon #shop #shoplifter #shoppingonline #picoftheday #spectacles #swag #nerd #shoppoholic #instashop
Girl steal 2 eyelash behind grandma
a u look good with eyelash on ur eyes?
i hope u feel gulity from stealing .
so u can feel waht u wrong n stop stealing .

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