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52/365- Twisted Stump

Standing on top of the Arizona desert mountain, I surveyed the scene, my eyes falling on the old twisted stump in front of me. It was surrounded by the indescribable vastness and beauty of the blue-hazed ridges beyond, emphasizing the stump's gnarled timeworn surface. I notice each of the grooves, dents, and patterns in the worn outer surface of the tree. In that moment I realized, "that's me." Some days my soul feels how this tree looks...gnarled, rough, broken, lifeless, twisted. We all feel that way at some point or other. But look at how the softness and gauziness of the distant mountains wrap its beauty around that stump, surrounding it on all sides with glowing loveliness. Instead of making the stump seem ugly in its degenerated state, the surrounding glow makes it seem beautiful instead, all the wrinkles and ridges a signature of its experience that makes it unique and wonderful.
I realize this is what God's grace does for me. His love takes all the twists and cuts in my soul created by the mistakes I've made and surrounds it in the glowing grace of His forgiveness. I am not only the scars of my past, I am much more than that. I am unique; perfectly made and loved by Him and despite my gnarled surface, I glow with beauty because of His light that surrounds me. Thank you, Lord, for Your grace and love.
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