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Bad angle, I know, but there was noone who could film me. Anyways, practicing my Mawashi Geri. Here's only ten, but I did a hundred in total with some rest inbetween. Just gotta keep practicing my form and technique. "I fear not the man who has practiced 10 000 kicks once, but I fear the man who haspractices one kick 10 000 times." - Bruce Lee

Osu 👊🏼! #karate #shitoryu #mawashigeri #kicks #martialarts #brucelee #training #fitness
5th IIUM Karate-Do Close Tournament 2017
As a program coordinator for IKCT17, ...
I would like to thanks to those who chose me to be the PC for the event, it's a chance for me to experience coordinating a big sport event. Been there as a player/participant, but never as one of the committee members. I admit it is really DIFFICULT for the first timer like me. It's easier to join in as participant but not as one of the people working behind it.😥
Almost at the point of giving up, but I have a lot of person supporting me till the event ended. Thanks to all committee members for the hard work, cooperation and everything you guys have done to make this two-days event a success.
Thanks to those who keep asking me during the event whether i'm okay or not, have i had my lunch or not, I really appreciate your concern. Thank you to everyone who help me during the two-days event, and those listening to my ranting 😂😂 Finally, I'm very sorry for any miscommunication, or whatever wrong i've done which I didn't realise during the two-days event.🙏🙇 I admit the 2nd day of IKCT17 started a bit late from the schedule, but i just can't help from being late that day. I was really tired from the first day of the event which ended quite late, at night. I had my lunch late and ofc, suffer from severe gastric that night. I acknowledge, we lack man-power for the 2nd day of the event, however all available committees did great !😊
Glad that I was given a chance to work with you guys !
Congrats & thank you to all participants, referees etc.
Till we meet again next time in a better place/event, take care !
Credit 📷 : En.Czar
#thankyouforreadingthis #nomoreafterthis #physicallyemotionallytired #everyonemakemistakes #whatmorefirsttimerlikeme #IKCT17 #IKCT2017 #IIUMshitoryukaratedo #iiumkaratedo #shitoryu #signingoff20171015 #byebye
🥋Great team!! We want to make an special mention to the committed parents of our athletes, you are an important part of the team! Oss!! Grandioso equipo!! Queremos hacer mención especial a los comprometidos padres de nuestros atletas, ustedes son una parte muy importante de nuestro equipo! Oss!! #karatedo #shitoryu #shitokai #karateforkids #karateforadults #bullingstopshere #getfit #getstrong #doralkarate #karatedolegends #competition #champions #parentssupport