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User Image teilangrymbai Posted: Feb 25, 2018 4:47 PM (UTC)

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Not so tall around me huh. 😂.. I'm seeing cats everywhere.
For those who don't really know her personally, here are a few facts about Miss Theresalina Janet Chyne:
1. She will make you smile the moment you see her.
2. She'll gladly help you out if you ever need any.
3. She'll be very talkative and she'll love to converse with you on any topic. Especially if it's about something cool and boyish.
4. If you ever do a favor for her she'll say "Thank you" a million times even if what you did was very small. And she'll add a high squeaky tone to it.
5. If you ever decide to bring a pet when you meet her, get ready for these words, "oh Kuchhi Pucchi poo"....... (Yea. I still dont know what it means.😐) 6. If your first impression to her was good then trust me, she'll never forget you. She'll spot you and scream your name even if you're in car that is going a hundred miles per hour. 😶 😂😂
Anyway these are the few facts about her. You'll know more when you meet her. She's one amazing person and I am truly blessed to call her mine. Oh and she secretly is a musician even though she never admits it. 😱😵😵😍😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😁 I love you. @crazy_stupid_koala
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